Becoming Right Ordered


I decided to forgo my workout for the day since it was my off day for running, I was already off on the classic plan, and I had a house full of sick little ones.

I was going to offer it up and then......I recalled something I just heard on EWTN.  Mother Angelica was holding an interview with someone.  I'm not sure, it may have been Raymond Arroyo.  The question asked went something like this, "How do you know if you are doing God's work?”  Mother Angelica responded, "...does it give honor and glory to God?  Is it for the good of the family?  What are the fruits?"

I assessed my situation.  Dinner was done, the baby was sleeping, the other children were relaxing in the schoolroom with a movie, and Dad was napping (he hadn't slept all day since his night shift from the previous day).  I knew that it would be easy for me to remain on the couch in a stupor but that more would be gained by working out.  I prayed that the results of my workout would give glory and honor to God, that I would attain more energy to better serve my family, and that I would become a better steward of my body.

I chose to complete my workout video.  I'm not sure what I was thinking.  The workout was just as demanding for me as the program.  I had to modify many of the exercises but I persevered and completed the workout.  My lower back needed the extra stretching.

Tomorrow, I plan to return to the program.

As I sit here and recap about my day and discernment, I'm left questioning my choice to workout.  Not that my working out was a bad thing, but, perhaps it was wrong ordered.  My family did not pray our family Rosary today.  Perhaps a better choice, more pleasing to God, would have been to gather the kids, wake dad, and pray.

Tomorrow is a new day!  I will keep Mother Angelica's simple discernment close and remember the words from my Spiritual Director, "Don't make greater expectations than we should."  I pray to be right ordered and pleasing to Him, always.

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