Give Me the Grace


worked on being in the present moment today and not distracted with the fullness of my plate.
there were good moments and bad ones.
overall, the day was good even though...
i failed to workout today.
why do i sabotage myself?
am i not being prayerful enough?
is it something hormonal…laziness…lack of order…..?
i’m on my knees.
Lord, please lead me out of this slump!
soften my heart to the graces that You so willingly set forth for me.
help me to die to my flesh and put my self entirely in Your hands.
i just read this article from a link shared.
it struck a cord with me.
I had to share.

Fitting exercise into our busy schedules is a perpetual challenge. I know very few people who crave a cardio workout. Most of us can find a multitude of excuses for putting off physical activity. Yet, it is such an important part of our overall health and well being. Equally important for me are the spiritual, mental and emotional boosts I gain from taking time to sweat. A walk reconnects me with the incredible beauty of God’s creation and reminds me to thank Him for the bounty of blessings in my life.
i know this to be true. 
Lord, give me the grace…
to recommit to the race.
to give the effort that is pleasing to you.
to not get caught up in worldly standards but Your standards.
to love myself as You love me.
to live for You in all i do.


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