Magic Mile


I held my marathon training (MT) for later in the day.  Gary helped motivate me by ordering that we all go outside.  It was cold outside (low 50s) but we all needed the fresh air.  Rose and I were cheered on our merry way.


We ran for our Magic Mile MM.  It was awesome.  We prayed before the run for graces to grow in virtue, to reflect on Christ’s passion, to make it to the finish line, to go all out for Him, to seek Blessed Mary’s intercession……

I logged in 2 miles today.  My Magic Mile time was 10.58.12.  This is 1.42 min less than my MM time from last week.  My predicted  1/2 marathon pace time is 13:47 min/mile (3:00:31).  I’m not too concerned with this pace time--my goal for the race is to FINISH.

I opted out of running barefoot and  have more battle wounds because of it.  I hope to get a pair of these soon for the cold weather.

jan 5 work outthe wound was not as bad as the sock led me to believe.

Rose had a MM time of 9.41.59.  She missed her MM run last week.

I’m blessed to share this time with her.  She shared her running experience with me while we cooled down.  She reflected on Mary’s intercession for her during this run and throughout her life.  She is confident that Mary never fails her.  It makes me think of her younger days when she was eight or so.  We attended the National Catholic Family Conference. She was turned onto Sarah Bauer, a young Catholic Musician.  We bought her the CD and matching shirt with the Miraculous Medal with the words “Mary’s Got My Back.”  May God Bless Sarah for helping Elissa grow in her devotion to Mary. 

I pray for another grace-filled day tomorrow.  It will be a bit of a challenge to get my workout in since Thursdays are my errand days, Adoration days and we will be celebrating the Epiphany.  I pray that “Mary’s Got My Back.”

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