Music or No Music


ran 2 miles and completed (majority of) the k wo.  i used additional weights, g baby, for the first 15 min of the wo.  all my children enjoy the k wo.

finally, i had to serve up dinner since i missed papi’s dinner call by 10 min.  he has an internal timer for dinner at 5pm.  i had planned to complete the last 12min of the wo after dinner but that didn’t happen.  our prayer time and family superseded. 


i’m thinking about putting together a workout playlist.  i’ve never used music for training.  i never needed it and never desired it.  i enjoy having quite time to pray, reflect and/or keep company with my training partner.  i think that some music may come in handy now that my longs runs will be pushing 10 miles.  i would only record Christian music, chant, prayers, homilies and other reflective audio.  what are your thoughts?  do you have  a playlist? 

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