Priorities & Perseverance


…PRIDE is definitely the root but there are many branches. I regret having to learn many of His lessons, the hard way. There is nothing like an ounce of corrective suffering to give you a much needed wake up call. I desire to no longer trust in my own ways but to go down the most easiest, surest and the holiest path to Our Lord-- Mary.

"The Saints claim that whoever prays to the mother of God during temptation will surely not sin. Whoever turns to her throughout life with confidence will surely be saved." ~St Max Kolbe


Do I compare myself to others, and think "Oh, I'm not that bad compared to others." -----I try not to, but often fail. I like to think that I'm making an honest assessment of the facts for purposes of discernment and growth, however, my intentions are not always pure. Often times, I fail to give everything back to Our Blessed Mother for Jesus. I falsely, build myself up or tear myself apart based on the findings of the comparisons made. Instead, everything should be used to glorify Him and nothing should be kept for personal gain.
I’m going to add this to my prayers so that I better discern when I have failed in this area.


My energy is low and I have not worked-out faithfully or eaten well. I don’t want to be unrealistic with my goals but I do believe that I need to be stretched. I need to get out of my comfort zone and do something that requires slight physical discomfort. It is a small sacrifice that I offer for reparation for my sins and to glorify Him.
Priorities & perseverance are my focus for this week.

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