Strain Ahead


I have not been working out.  I’m definitely in a slump.  I can’t seem to muster up the energy or make the time to fit in formal exercise.  I was just beginning to feel strong.  I haven’t felt that way for years.  Did I subconsciously sabotage myself?  Is there where the Good Lord wants me to be or does He desire me to get back to my exercise regime?  I’m not sure, but as I discern, I will be making a valiant effort to return to where I was before these doubts were formed.

I have, however, been adhering  to my priorities – prayer life, family and homeschooling day.  Praise be to God!  The Daily Examen helps me to stay focus on how I’m answering His call and in what ways I’m failing.  I carry around a little black notebook and take note of what triggers my falls, when I fall,  and I make an immediate resolve to do better. 

I knew this journey would be both, physical and spiritual.  I knew it would be difficult.  I give thanks that He brought us together.  Your partnership and prayers have helped to sustain me.  I trust that we are glorifying Him on this journey and pray to persevere through all obstacles.

‘I forget the past and strain ahead
for what is still to come.
I am racing for the finish,
for the prize
to which God calls us upwards
to receive in Christ Jesus.’
(Phil. 3:14)



rose and I ran today.  I’ve now logged 50mi for 2011. 

It’s been over 9 days since my last run.  I was winded and sore but managed to set a personal record (PR).  I ran a magic mile (MM) of 9.32 and averaged 10.26min/mi. 

I was working on my foot strike.  My foot didn’t hurt during the run but is hurting now.  I may attempt my next run with shoes.  I think my foot pain is being caused by a bunion and arthritis in my toes.  Both are soccer related aliments.  I found out that I had arthritis in my toes when I was 17yo.  I was used to playing with pain.  I’ve definitely soften up.

I hope to get it all figured out before my next big run, 11mi this Sat.

I’ve been using the Crossfit as my backup plan to the program.  It’s intense and brief.  I love it but feel like I’m cheating.  I had originally committed to the program and would like to see it all the way through.  I hope to make a better effort tomorrow.


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