Time Management


I have the same challenge. However, I feel I’m fighting my flesh more than anything else.

Some of the things that have worked for me in the past are:

•Mid-day WO/kid's PE time
•WO during the kids required rest time. This is around 1pm in our home. It is a time for kids to do whatever they want to do in their rooms, on their own. The only rules are; they must be quite and not get out of their rooms until I get them.
•Late night WO, after the kid's bedtime
•Do what I can, when I can. Break up the workout into smaller segments. Although, this is not ideal, benefits will be had.

I’ve not been able to master the art of rising early enough to work out before everyone rises.

I was given spiritual direction (at 3-5 months postpartum) to nap! He stated that I must give myself adequate time to re-fuel and rest so that I can better live out my vocation, serve my family. My feelings of neglecting my children and husband were not valid. This was a short season in my life and more rest was the best direction.

I have carried this direction to the area of fitness. I trust that my 1 hour of exercise will fuel me to better serve my family. The time spent on physical exercise is actually a means to better serve my kids and husband so that I do not neglect them.

Finding the right rhythm is another story. I’m not certain that “balance” will ever come. So for now, I pray to embrace what I have been given & where I am and to persevere in all circumstances.

Do what is pleasing to Him always, within the circumstances you have been given!

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