Too Blessed To Be Stressed


i’m exhausted!  i pulled an all nighter on friday.  saturday, i hosted 2 priests plus another family.  then we headed to 7 pm mass.  we got home at 10pm.  dad unloaded us then left for work.
we had another dinner tonight with a parish family, friend and father m.  we got home at 10:30 pm and repeated our routine.
it’s been a blessing!
thanks for your gentle encouragement to “spoil” the priests.  i followed your suggestion and made steaks for our special guests.
i haven’t worked out since wed.  i’m a bit bummed that i have not met my goals.  i wanted so desperately to be at my pre-e weight for my 33rd bday.  i’m 30 lbs away.  urgh!!!  i’m offering up my disappointment, making reparation for shortcomings and giving thanks for the many blessings that i have found on this journey. 
tomorrow is a new day!

Personal experience shows, and you have often heard me tell you so, to warn you against discouragement, that our interior life consists in beginning again and again each day; and you know in your hearts, as I do in mine, that the struggle is never ending. You will have noticed too, when making your examination of conscience just as I do (excuse these personal references, but even as I am speaking to you I am going over the needs of my own soul with Our Lord) that you often experience little setbacks, which at times perhaps may seem to you enormous, revealing as they do an evident lack of love, of self-surrender to God, of a spirit of sacrifice, of refinement. Well, strengthen your yearning for reparation, with a sincere act of contrition, but please do not lose your peace of mind. ~ St. Josemaria Escriva, Friends of God, 13

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