Little PEACE of Italy

Mom and Dad
we escaped for the weekend in celebration of dad’s birthday.  it was a last minute getaway that came together within four days and managed to stay within our very limited budget.  praise God!
Castillo de Amirosa
we traveled to a near-by getaway that seemed like we were in another country—Castillo de Amorosa in Napa, CA.
it was a first for us, on many levels.  we haven’t taken a weekend getaway (without kids) in 6 six years, first trip to napa as a couple, and first wine tasting.
King and Queen
we were a king and queen for the weekend while rose manned the home front.
Mass at the Castle
our trip started with sun. Mass (in the Extraordinary Form)at the castle’s chapel.
castellodiamorosa collage
then we ventured on for a full tour and wine tasting.  we were blessed to have a semi-private tour.  there was only one other couple in our group.  dad and I did not want to leave the authentic, medieval castle.
napa misc collage
we laid low after our visit to the castle.  we had no plans and winged the rest of the trip with whatever our hearts desired--simple food and relaxed days.
we thoroughly enjoyed discussing our date night questions.
it was a blessed weekend.  we give all thanks and glory to the GOOD LORD!
Dad in the castle
Happy Birthday, my love.  May you continue to seek the intercession of the Holy family and surrender to His will.


  1. Oh, what a beautiful couple!!

    You are amazing!! So glad you got the opportunity to get away!!

  2. Wow, what a fabulous trip! You two look so young!! Sounds like the trip that will be remembered and cherished for years to come.

  3. what a lovely gift to eachother! I love the black and white photo of you and your beloved! you look so full of love and peace. God bless you.

  4. What an amazing getaway! I have never heard of such a lovely place, complete with chapel:). So happy for you and your showers of blessings!

  5. You two are so handsome together... but you know that already. :) Giving thanks to God for the opportunity that you had to spend this time exploring and feasting. Wonderful pictures!

  6. What a beautiful place you visited! I love that wrought iron decor and the Church was just beautiful inside! Looks like a lovely trip!



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