New Pancakes

The kids needed a break from eggs for breakfast.  Dad and I decided to try three recipes this morning.  We wanted to find a go to pancake recipe for our new family recipe book.

We have a winner!!!


The Best Paleo Pancake Recipe

the best paleo pancake recipe

This was our winning recipe.  The consistency and taste was perfection.


Coconut Flour Pancakes

coconut flour pancakes

This was our second fav.  They were tasty but the consistency was a bit off for us.


Almond Meal Griddle Cakes

almond meal griddle cakes

This was our least favorite recipe.  Perhaps its because we substituted the almond meal with coconut flour.  We couldn’t even cook these babies.  My eldest daughter used this batch for her pie crust.  It worked great as a pie crust.

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