No Vertigo


i'm feeling much better without carbs and sugar.  i'm hoping to see more weight loss by my official weigh-in on mon.
i'm trying hard to give thanks for where i'm at despite the fact that i've missed my major WL goals.  i am pre-preg weight of baby #4.  i have two more babies to go, 20 lbs. i ran for 2.5 miles today.  this my first run since the onset of my vertigo.  i felt much better than anticipated.  my callouses are fading  so my feet were slightly raw and sore.

thanks for giving me a tip on the vertigo.  it prompted me to look it up again.  i came to the conclusion that my vertigo was triggered by a head injury.  i've had similar symptoms post pregnancy but nothing like what i recently experienced.  my condition started immediately after a soccer game.  i headed the ball on 2 occasions.  both were high impact and caused some immediate dizziness.  i was able to regain my composure and continued with the first half.  i became extremely light headed at the start of the second half.  i wanted to sit out but thought that my dizziness was due to my lack of fitness and hydration.  i continued to play.  i lost my vision on my way home while driving. rose and i prayed the whole way.  still, i passed it off and thought i was in need of food.  i stopped at the nearest fast food, taco bell.  i could barely take in 2 bites.  i was nauseous.  finally i arrived to where dad was and i couldn't even keep my eyes open.  i felt like i just stepped off a roller coaster.  i couldn't even walk without guidance.  dad thought i had a concussion.  it was worse than labor.  ok, maybe not that bad but you know what i mean.  i experienced excessive vomiting.  i slept for the entire weekend.

the symptoms continued up to the present time.  they were much milder and intermittent.

i found this link after your post.  i decided to perform the simple exercise that was suggested.  i haven't had any symptoms since.

i'm praying that it's gone for good.  i desperately need to get back to training.  also, my family will be embarking on a pilgrimage that requires us to walk 13-15 miles a day for 3 days.  we will be camping along the way.  i need to be free from the dizziness.

lets keep moving!

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