Advent Books

Here are three  new additions to our Advent book collection.  These are simple additions that were chosen for content and budget.  They’re simple, fun and inexpensive.



The joy and hope of Christmas are at the heart of this book intended for the whole family. Starting with the 1st of December (like an Advent calendar) each day has a new story, leading up to Christmas. Richly illustrated, this collection includes stories based on the Gospel accounts of the birth of Christ, as well as stories about Advent and Christmas customs. Also presented are original tales about living the Christmas message.

~Ignatius Press

24 contes de Noël pour attendre Jésus

These stories are usually read once by Dad or myself then repeated several times throughout the day by the children.


dover book

This stained-glass coloring book provides hours of fun and great decorations/gifts.  This is a family favorite. 



This is a pocket sized sticker book.  Papi was able to piece together this sticker puzzle with minimal help.  There are blank sheets in the middle of the booklet for collecting stickers.  Papi uses it as his Advent sticker book.  He works on earning stickers for Jesus, all through Advent.


Favorite Advent and Christmas Books - Shower of Roses

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  1. Lovely suggestions! I have to be more on the ball with this next year. We have a number of nice books but bringing some new material in will be good for the kids. Thanks. :)



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