Beginning of a Lifelong Friendship

"They are My delight."
"Suffer them to come unto Me."

Dad and I are praying the following prayers as we discern if it is timFirst Holy Communione for Sweetie to receive Our Lord, in the gift of the Holy Eucharist.


A Prayer for those who are preparing Children for their First Holy Communion

O Jesus, who hast loved us with such exceeding great love
as to give us the ineffable gift of the Holy Eucharist,
inflame us with a burning zeal
to promote Thy glory
by preparing worthily the little children
who are to approach Thy holy table for the first time.
Protect, O Sacred Heart of Jesus,
these young souls from the assaults of evil,
strengthen their faith,
increase their love and endow them
with all the virtues that will
make them worthy to receive


May Sweetie’s heart be prepared to unite with Jesus, especially in the Eucharist, in Holy Communion. May she be on fire to receive Jesus, just like St. Gemma. St Gemma Cross and Chalice

"Today I have received Jesus, and now I possess Him entirely in my miserable soul. In such moments my heart and the Heart of Jesus are one. Oh, if only I could make it remain so always! It would mean that I would not commit anymore sins. Oh, what precious moments are those at Holy Communion! Communion is a happiness, Father, that seems to me cannot be equaled even by the beatitude of the Saints and Angels" ~St Gemma Galgani


St. Gemma ~ ora pro nobis


More First Holy Communion prayers can be found at my post from 2010.

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