Food for the Baby

I’m sad to say that I got my lil’ guy on the wrong path.  Things started great when he was an infant.  My babies get their teeth early and I start to introduce whole foods to them once I see the first tooth and there is interest.  I start them on avocado and work from there.  My lil’ guy caught on quick and soon became a good eater.  (My family was following the SAD at the time.)  Things took a drastic turn when my lil’ guy got sick with a stomach flu.  From that point on, he became a picky eater.  I think he correlated his illness with food.  I became worried but trusted that he was getting enough nutrients from nursing.  Then, I found the golden ticket, a food that he would eat—oatmeal (in all forms).  Terrible mistake, I know.  But at the time I was just happy that he was eating something. 


Finally, the time has come, we are ready to toss the oatmeal for good!  In the past, this was tough for me because I hate to see me lil’ guy cry for something to eat.  However, I ‘m convinced that he will not starve and now I have an alternative to his favorite meal—Oatmeal without the oats.  I saw the idea on other sites before but passed on them.  There was no way that my lil’ guy would ever try such a dish, or so I thought.  I made the non-oatmeal this morning and guess what, he loved it!!!


I added frozen blueberries to his serving and he dug in.  Praise the Lord!

Good bye oatmeal!

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