St. Lucia Surprise

We’ve been down playing the celebration of feast days in our home, trying to find our new rhythm of life.  Also, the focus has been removed from food since we’re simplifying that area of our life, too. 
Today’s feast day celebration for St. Lucy was minimal.  We read a few stories, colored some art work and cleaned to prepare for Christ's coming.  The day ended with our Christmas Novena.  We all resigned, or so I thought.  I went back downstairs several hours after everyone went to bed.  Here is what I found…..
st lucia cookies
Rose made some delicious no grain chocolate chip cookies.  I had printed this recipe earlier for future use.  I didn’t expect her to stay up to make them tonight.  It was a lovely surprise that I’m sure her siblings will reward with tons of kisses.  Now, I have to be certain that I leave them some to enjoy.
St. Lucia ~ ora pro nobis
Lucy, patron of Sicily, and one of the saints of the Canon of the Mass, was martyred at Syracuse in the persecution of Diocletian about the year 304. The legend of her martyrdom says that she was denounced as a Christian by a rejected suitor. Refusing to apostatize, she was condemned to a brothel, but a mysterious force prevented the persecutors from moving her from the tribunal. After an unsuccessful attempt had been made to burn her to death, her neck was pierced with a dagger.



  2. We have been down playing the Feasts a little too . . . mainly not making them such a "food event". I will have to make these cookies! I have coconut flour. Have you gone Gluten free? I am on the verge of doing it, but wonder if it will be difficult with the kids.

  3. I'm interested in what you mean by "down playing" feasts. Do you mean making them less food-centric? What is the rhythm that you speak of... liturgical but not party? I'm trying to understand and since I am not sure I get it, thought I'd ask. :)

    I find that I will skip over the celebration of a feast because I do not have the time to make a special meal or desert. But I want to be engages and submersed in the liturgical year. I would love to know more about your thinking.

  4. katie - we are GF! the most difficult part for my kids has been when were at events outside the home where traditional kid food (junk) is served. i need to do better in that area.

    melody - there is so much on my heart. more than i can write or even articulate at this time. i think a phone call is in order. hint hint. ;-)



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