Curtain Aprons

I held my fourth Little Flowers meeting in early December.  The girls made a simple Curtain Apron for their craft.  It was a lovely craft edition for the meeting since St. Martha is a patron saint of homemakers.  The apron was intended to be gifted for Christmas.

LF finished curtain apron

Curtain Apron

this is an up-cycle craft


  • valance style curtain (I purchased 18 valances from my local thrift store to create aprons for 36 girls)
  • ribbon (I used a min of 1.5 yards of ribbon for ea. apron)
  • scissors
  • safety pin

Approximate cost of ea. apron (if items need to be purchased) – $2

Approximate cost of ea. apron (if items are on hand) – FREE

LF curtain aprons


  1. cut the valance vertically at a place that will yield enough coverage for your desired homemaker.
  2. optional:  hem the cut side of the valance.
  3. cut ribbon to the desired length.  long enough to tie around the waist of the intended homemaker.
  4. attached safety pin to the end of the ribbon.
  5. thread the ribbon, safety pin first, into the top portion of the valance that was indented for a curtain rod.
  6. remove the safety pin and prepare the Curtain Apron for presentation.


lf threading ribbon

creating aprons

lf sparkles apron

preparing creations for presentation/wrapping

lf wrapping apron

finalizing packages


  1. How Cute! will have to try them!

  2. my goodness, you have such a gret group of girls in your LF club. I love this idea of apron making. and Lena, your blog header photos are beautiful (as always)!



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