Finger Knitting

finger knitted scarf
Sparkles took up knitting last year, thanks to Rose.  Sweetie didn’t have an interest at the time.  I desired for her to learn something in the way of knitting or crocheting.  This was the perfect opportunity, a Little Flowers lesson in patience.
Sweetie took to finger knitting.  It’s just her pace – fast craft with instant gratification.
She knitted a 49 in scarf in 30 min.  Now she is begging for more.
Finger Knitted Scarf
  • yarn*
  • scissors
  • prepare yarn (18 yards was enough for a 49 in scarf)
  • follow the directions in this video  (it’s the best video tutorial that I’ve seen)

  • 18 yards of yarn for 49 in scarf
  • 1 skin of 300 yards – $10.99
Cost per scarf - $1.52
*My yarn supply is low and purchasing more is not an option.  So, I have been making my own yarn—t-shirt yarn.  I’ve raided my give-away piles for old shirts.  I followed this tutorial to cut my shirts for t-shirt yarn.  Be certain to give all family members fair warning.  This is so fun that one can tend to go a lil’ crazy and no shirt will be let untouched.  Dad has stashed away his favorites in fear that I might shred them.

tired me - post Mass & LF meeting


  1. Cute! These would make really darling scarves for dolls, I think. (And it's a good activity for read-aloud time, too!)

  2. Oh my goodness, I JUST (as in 10 minutes ago) pinned that finger knitting tutorial. Very cool.



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