Nut Allergies

I suffered from many allergies as a child.  Many of which have followed me into adulthood.  I took myself off all medicine and shots when I was eleven years old.  I was fed up with my adverse side affects to the medicine.  I learned at a early age to listen to my body and find natural ways of coping with my chronic condition.

I have experienced several improvements in my health since the inception of my lifestyle overhaul.  Just recently, I was able to eat raw almonds.  This is a huge milestone. I’m not ready to say that I’m completely free from my nut allergies but I am excited about this small step in that direction.

I am also excited to try some recipes that require almond flour/meal.

I’ll continue to take baby steps.



raw sliced almonds

these are the two forms of almonds that I have experimented with.

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