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P1140010I met for my fifth Little Flowers meeting for 2011-2012.  We had a wonderful time coming together to celebrate Mass, learn about a new saint and study a virtue.  Eleven of the girls were with Father L for preparation for First Holy Communion.  They joined us for the second half of the meeting.  Thirty-two girls were in attendance.
We did the normal routine; grace, snack, review last month’s saint and virtue, introduce the saint and virtue of the month, listen to a talk from Father L, receive a blessing, work on a related craft,  update LF binders, and close with a prayer.
This month’s saint was St. Bathildis.
Feast Day – January 30
Paton: against bodily ills, against illness, against sickness, children, sick people, and widows.
Represented: crowned nun often performing menial tasks of giving alms to the poor, ladder extending into heaven, or standing before an altar of the Blessed Virgin Mary
The girls were intrigued by the story of St. Bathildis.  She was newLeonhard Beck (German, 1480-1552) . Sancta Bathildis (St. Bathilda). to us all.  I told the girls about how St. Bathildis was kidnapped in her youth.  When asked if they would be scared to be on a pirate ship without family, C replied, “No, I wouldn’t be alone.  I would have my guardian angel with me.”  Her words were such a beautiful testament to child-like faith.  The other girls agreed, God and the Blessed Virgin Mary are always with them.  The girls took turns guessing how St. Bathildis’s story unraveled from being a slave.  They were on the seat of their chairs to hear about the heroic virtue that St. Bathildis displayed.  Most noteable was St. Bathildis’s patience.
Patience – the virtue (Fruit of the Spirit) that prevents us from being disturbed by the evil around us.

We are not obliged to pray for crosses and sufferings, as some of the saints have done; but it is absolutely necessary that we should bear the trials which God sees fit to send us, with patience and loving confidence in Him.  ~ Father Lasance, Catholic Girls Guide
I extended the lesson of patience into the craft.  I chose something that would be new and a bit challenging—something that required a significant amount of patience.  I chose finger knitting.
The girls were excited to learn finger knitting.  They caught on faster than I had anticipated.  The diligently worked on their knitting as they exercised the virtue of patience.  They did not complain, say “I can’t,” yell for help, ort all together give up.  It was a bit of a challenge at times but all the girls, including my five year olds, were able to successfully acquire the skill of finger knitting.
Father L stopped by for a visit after his First Holy Communion lesson.  He reviewed the most recent feast days.  Then he quizzed the girls on St. Bathildis.  He, too, was intrigued by her story.  Father gave the girls their blessing before he departed.  Please keep father L in your prayers.
St. Bathilidis ~ ora pro nobis

Resources:st bathildis statue
Finally, look up to heaven. Behold the eternal beauty and blessedness of paradise. If for a brief period you suffer here with courage and patience, you will after death be released from all suffering and enjoy unspeakable bliss for evermore. Such are the blessed fruits of patience.  ~ Father Lasance, Catholic Girls Guide

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  1. I always enjoy reading about your Little Flower meetings!

    Praying for Father L, and all the wonderful priests in his order! :)



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