What do you eat?

It’s a question that I get a lot when others find out about my family’s lifestyle change.  Here are a few pics of some of our latest dishes.  They’re tasty, easy meals—nothing fancy.

baked apple pork chopbaked apple pork chops
rose made this dish on her dinner night.  we loved it!  savory and sweet.

sweet potato soup
i love soups during all times of the year.  they’re perfect for meatless fridays.  this is so yummy that papi, my 4 year old, eats it hot or cold.

egg salad
here’s another friday meal, egg salad wraps.  sometimes we use cucumbers to dip in the egg salad.

tri-tip dinner
simple and cheap  dinner that we usually have once a week.  we generally make enough for left overs, lunch or snack.  here we served it up with baked sweet potato and a simple salad with home made dressing.  (this was the kid’s plate.  dad and I serve ourselves more meat and greens.)

oriental chicken salad
I used to make this salad with packaged seasoning and crunchy noodles.  this version is a healthier option.  we enjoy this for lunch, dinner, or snack.  the kids miss the crunchy noodles but are happy to have the crunch of the slivered almonds.

taco night
taco night doesn’t look the same these days and we’re loving it. seasoned ground beef with diced peppers and avocado, served up with organic salsa.  i prefer the lettuce shell but rose likes to turn it into taco salad.

pulled pork
dad needed a dish to take to a work party.  i wanted to be sure that he had a hearty option.  rose and i prepared this dish for dad in the mid-afternoon.  we slow cooked it in our wanna-be dutch oven.  it was ready six hours later, just in time for dad’s shift.
it was a hit and has become one of dad’s favorite.  papi ate the leftovers for lunch the next day.  it’s a bit spicy for me.
(next time i’ll remember to take an after picture.)

i've marked these meals in my new recipe book on pinterest and i'm sharing this post at the following parties.
pinning it down
pinterest to real life

here are the links to the recipes that i used or that inspired my dishes.
(I'll post my dressing for the Oriental Salad when I take measurements, the next time I make it.)

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