Youth for Life

“I walk for life because I love babies and God.”  ~Sparkles (8)
Walk for Life WC - Fr. Frank Provone
Dad arrived early with the girls.  They were blessed to see Fr. Frank Provone.  He graciously accepted Dad’s invitation for a picture.
I tended to the life that I have been gifted.  We had all intended to walk as a family but God had other plans.  Dad and I received an early wake-up call, Dragonfly.  He was crying hysterically and sitting in pool of vomit.  We agreed that I would stay home with Dragonfly and Papi (who had not fully recovered from his cold). My season to Walk for Life will come, for now I will cherish the time I have to nurture the lives that He has given me. 
This was Sweetie’s first year on the walk.  It was perfect timing, as she is preparing for her First Holy Communion.
Walk for Life WC - collage
Sparkles was in charge of pictures.*
Rose headed to the front of the caravan to walk with the youth and friends from TAC.
walk for life wc
Rose noted that this year’s turn out was twice as large as the previous years.  She also noted that this year’s opposition was crude,  aggressive and outright diabolic.  It was clear to all my children that there are many who are lost in the ways of this world and much prayer is needed to protect against the lion who is prowling.
Here is a brief reflection from Sparkles.
“I was excited to go on the Walk for Life WC for the second time. I prayed as I walked. The crowd (opposition) made me sad because they were being mean to God. I prayed for them.
I pray that we all will love God and that He let them know that killing babies is wrong.”
see next year
We pray to help build up the culture of life, in whatever way He calls us to.  God willing, this will include walking as a complete family in 2013.
*Sparkles took all the pictures posted that do not include her.


  1. Praise God for the blessings of the March! Thank you and your family for sacrificing to take a stand. You were marching for life in your own way... caring for the little one who was entrusted to your care by our Heavenly Father. God bless you! Lord, have mercy on our country.

  2. I think Sparkles is a budding photographer! Thank you for sharing the words of your children...What a powerful witness and hope for us all. God bless your sweet family always!

  3. I just wanted to let you know how much your response to not being able to go to the Walk for Life has inspired me. "I tended to the life that I have been gifted." and "My season to Walk for Life will come, for now I will cherish the time I have to nurture the lives that He has given me." have really challenged me to look at my vocation as a mother differently and with more joy. Thank you!



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