‘Food’ Purge


It’s Day 3 for the Wellness Challenge in my home.  The pantry and fridge are in need of a quick purge.  I have allowed some items in that don’t belong.  I did so out of convenience and celebration of a feast day—what was I thinking?  I’m offering it up and moving on!

I will be using this check list below to get my pantry back in order.


Wellness Mama Challenge – Purge the Pantry

  • As a general rule, if it comes in a package, box or bag, it counts
  • If it contains grains, sugars, chemicals, ingredients you can’t pronounce or has a color that doesn’t exist in nature… it counts
  • If feeding it to a small animal could induce a diabetic coma… it counts
  • If it says “low-fat” or “Heart healthy whole grains” – it definitely counts
  • If it is in a can and has ingredients other than fish (tuna, sardines, etc) or vegetables- it counts
  • If it is an oil that comes from a food that does not produce an oil when squeezed (corn, soybean, canola, etc) it counts

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  1. Lena, I'm completely intrigued by this challenge. I'll have to show it to Greg and see what he thinks. We've talked many times over about getting away from processed stuff - when Elise was gluten-free it was quite easy then - but never had a plan or any kind of way of doing it. I think the Wellness Challenge may be what we've been looking for.




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