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date night questions for my love

I wanted to share a collection of Date Night Questions* that Dad & I have been using since our getaway.

I decided to refresh our collection of date night questions but I didn’t want to start from scratch.  I went searching online and found a blog that listed numerous questions.  There were approximately 100 questions, categorized into six categories.  I’ve listed the categories and a sample question.

    • General date questions
      • If money and time weren’t an issue, what would you most like to do?
    • Getting to know one another
      • What one thing have you learned about God (or yourself) this past year?
    • Honoring one another
      • Some qualities I see in you that I would like to cultivate in my own life are…
    • Sin
      • What is your greatest source of frustration right now? How have you achieved victory in your attitude?
    • Marriage and family life
      • As a demonstration of my love for you, I would like to improve in the area of . . .
    • Home schooling
      • How can I support you as you work so diligently as an educator of our children? Where are you defining education in a way that brings undue hardship on yourself?

I copied and pasted the questions into a Word document for easy access.  I even color coded the questions.  I printed and cut the questions into strips.  Then I placed them in an envelope with a cute cover

I had planned to use the questions sporadically over the weekend.  Things didn’t turn out as planned, Dad couldn’t wait.  He initiated the dialogue within eight miles into the trip.  The file never got a rest. 

I randomly selected a paper strip from the envelope.  I read the question.  Dad and I took turns answering the question for ourselves.  Then we took turns answering the question for each other.  We answered majority of the questions.  I kept a journal of our answers. This exchange was very edifying for us as a couple and as an individual. 

The Love Envelope is what we now call the date night questions.  It was Dad’s favorite part of the trip.  He has requested that I bring the envelope along every time we get a chance to be alone (dinner for two in the kitchen while the kid’s occupy themselves, shopping trips, gas runs, Adoration, etc…).

The time we had away, to enter into dialogue and be fully attentive to each other, yielded a beautiful refreshment and intimacy. That intimacy has helped to sustain us through some recent trials.



*the Date Night Questions we found on a non-Catholic website.  Some of the questions were altered.


  1. Wow... these are great! Thank you! Chief and I have a very good relationship and spend a lot of time together talking but I confess that some of these questions are a bit scary for me. All the more reason to go for it and enter into that loving, trusting intimacy. :)

  2. I love these questions, and I love your awesome idea. what a wonderful husband you have, as well, to be so eager to grow in love and wonderment of his bride!! I'm downloading these now. thanks Lena!!

  3. Dear Lena,

    Thank you for this list. What great questions! Like Melody, I find some of the question a bit scary too. I am good at building walls and I always need to work on tearing them down.

    And thanks for your kind comments on my blog!


  4. This is a wonderful idea, Lena! Did you guys ever go to a Marriage Encounter? Rod and I went a year ago and now involved in a circle with other Catholic couples, here in our town. We do alot of journaling and dialoguing and I noticed you used those terms... This idea is such an enhancement to valuable time away. I would love to share this with our group...They would love it:) Thank you so much for sharing and God Bless your beautiful marriage, especially on this St. Valentine's Day;)

  5. Thanks for sharing these! I have a wonderful husband -my best friend- we haven't had a night out in a long time! And the last time we did we went shopping for new flooring!!!
    Time stops for no man, but I think we need a vacation!
    God Bless!

  6. These are fantastic!!! I was looking for something like this for our anniversary dinner last June. Thanks!!!

  7. recently linked to Life{in}Grace -



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