My New Plan

I hit a bump in the road but I have not ended my journey to living a healthier life for Him.  In fact, I need it now more than ever since I am dealing with some serious aliments.  I desire a complete healing if it is His will for me.  I trust that this is the path He is leading me on – it is within my means, will benefit my entire family, and help me to live out my call.  I continue the journey all for His glory!

Providentially, I have been brought to some great resources online – there’s really no other way to explain how I was brought here.  It continues to amaze me everyday when I read something that shows a direct correlation between what I have been dealing with and the benefit of the diet I now seek to live by.  More than that, I have experienced the benefits first hand.  Late last year (1.5 months into the radical change in diet), I felt the best physically and mentally than I have felt in a very long time. 

Unfortunately, I am now on the decline.  Is it spiritual warfare, physiological, or both?  Regardless, I’m praying to stay where He has led me and  I will trust in my body.  I have recommitted to this lifestyle for Lent.  I will take it one day at a time and keep my eyes on Him.

I will continue to use the following resources…

EPLifeFit provides a real approach to fitness, as well as the nutrition expertise. All the thinking and the programming has been done for you and you have access to a workout program that is not just a program but also a way of life.  Fee based membership.



Wellness Mama Meal Plans offer healthy, affordable meals planned for you! Improve your family’s health with delicious, nutrient packed meals!  This has been a tremendous time and money saver for me.  Fee based subscription.


I will be participating in the Wellness Challenge.  I have learned a  great deal from Katie at Wellness Mama and I’m excited to have this support for me during Lent.    The Wellness Challenge lasts 7 weeks, which will take me to Holy Week – perfect for my Lenten Program.


This challenge is designed to help you improve your health and stay motivated for 30 days.  FREE!


Here’s a look at the first challenge…

Mini Challenge #1

Cut out the grains, sugars, potatoes, beans and all processed foods from your diet (including vegetable oils, margarine, and other frankenfats) and focus on getting maximum nutrition from meats, vegetables, healthy fats (coconut, olives, coconut oil, olive oil, tallow, lard, butter, unprocessed cream, etc) and fruits.


Prayers for a blessed, fruitful, and healthy Lent.



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