A Blessed Good Day

Day 3: 7 Day Challenge

My physical aliments have returned and escalated.  They range from MS/adrenal/fibromyalgia-like symptoms.  I have dealt with these aliments for many years, thinking they were all in my head and that I could push through them.  They have come to point where I can no longer mask them.  I desire a complete healing but pray only for His will.  I’m opening up now about my health to seek healing, to give comfort to others who may be going through similar issues, and to ultimately glorify God.

Today was one of the tougher days.  I was barely able to pry my body out of bed this morning.  I said an ejaculation to the good Lord to give me the strength.  I managed to get out of bed and tend to the littles.  Dad and Rose were scheduled to be gone the entire day.  Dragonfly needed some attention but I couldn’t muster up the energy to walk down the stairs.  I was able to buy some time by giving him a bath.  Dad came to the rescue and took over for me.  I slowly ventured my way to the kitchen.

Everyone had already snacked on some fruit so breakfast was not an immediate concern.  I decided to shred the pulled-pork that dad placed in the crock-pot last night.  I knew it was going to be tuff for me to get food on the table without Dad and Rose the next day so I planned to make carnitas using a recipe found at Paleo Eats.  I couldn’t even begin the task so Dad sent me straight to bed while he fixed the crockpot meal.
The meat was absolutely delish.  I couldn’t resist having a bowl for breakfast.  Papi, my four year old carnivore, had a bowl too.  Rose made eggs and sausage for everyone.  I sat to eat and was feeling good getting some protein.  I went for my glass of water but something was seriously wrong—the glass felt like it weighed a ton.  I couldn’t hold my glass of water.  I did my best to drink without my hands.  I’m sure that Dad and the kids thought I was nuts but they did not say a word.  They have learned not to question what mom does since it generally sends me in an emotional downward spiral.  Dad, especially, does a great job showing sympathy but not smothering me.  He leaves me to fend for myself as he keenly watches over me.  He knows that I desire to fight these moments of weakness and he gives me room to gain my strength.

The day moved on and not much improved.  The kids set up an indoor playground and I schooled from the couch.  The carnitas was the staple for the day.

I dear friend called me to chat for a brief moment.  It was a sweet consolation.  Then I came across a great inspirational story found at EveryDay Paelo.  It was another consolation that helped me get through the rest of my day.  God is good!

Finally, we ventured outside when Dragonfly knocked down the front door.  I bird watched while they raced down the street.  We ate at 4:30pm since I had some energy and I wanted to be certain that no one went without.  The girls took note of the early time.

Everyone enjoyed their indoor playground for one last time before the tear down was ordered.  It was seven  when I skimmed the clock, praise God.  I ushered everyone upstairs for the rosary and bedtime routine.  Sweetie started a load in the morning and had fresh pjs for everyone.  (She is being trained for laundry duty by Rose.)  The littles were on the ball, listening the first time and joyfully serving.  We said only one decade of the rosary since the intentions lasted just as long as the complete recitation of the rosary.  Off to bed at 8pm, exactly.

Sparkles noted during the bedtime routine that today was a good day.  When I asked her what she meant, she replied, “Today was a good day, mom.  No one was sent to time-out, praise God.”  Papi was not there when Sparkles gave that praise.  However, he noted the same thing as I tucked him into bed.  He gave praise, “Today was a blessed.  I love you.”  It was indeed, a blessed good day!  Sure it had challenges but everyone worked together.

It’s 9:45pm, Dad and Rose are still on the road.  Dad had a special appointment and Rose tagged along.  Then they  went to Adoration and a Solemn High Mass for the Forty Hours Devotion.  I trust that they were lifting me up in prayer.  Deo gratias!
  • 1 cup – carnitas
  • 2 - pork sausage
  • 2 - -scrambled eggs
  • .5 cup – carnitas
  • .5 - apple salad
  • 1 cup - carnitas
  • .5 – all beef frank (gluten free)
  • 1 tablespoon - sunflower seeds
  • 2 - cuties (mandarin orange)
  • 2 cups – carnitas
  • 1 - all beef frank (gluten free)
I’m waiting for Dad to return.  I estimate that it will be 11pm.


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  1. Lena,

    Bless you! I know how you feel :/

    I've notice that I have a severe reaction to pork, not sure if all the pork (the one bought @ Sam's killed me) @ whole foods pork is not bad and also grass fed is ok, but I think I will try to do a mini challenge to really determine between the whole foods and the grassfed if one makes me sick. It 's kind of scary doing something that may send you to bed for days, so I will wait until I feel better to do this :S
    As for the rest of the meat I eat is grassfed and there's no problem at all.

    That is my latest reactions which has kept me from my WOD's for 3 wks now.I will be sending my vids to Jason for him to see hopefully this wkend :)



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