Kombucha Tea

I’m grateful for a little blog encouragement.  Michele introduced me to the 7 Day Challenge.  I needed another re-start and have gladly accepted the chall7-day challengeenge.  I’ve applied to the challenge to my physical Lenten program.

Today was Day 1 for me since Monday was the feast of St. Joseph, also known as dad’s day in my home.  I was called to a day of prayer and fasting for healing and reparation.  I share that with others only to give glory to God.  It is through fasting and prayer that I am brought closer to Him.  His grace is poured over me at my times in the desert.

I have said it many times before, this journey that I have been brought to is much more than physical.  I desire a complete healing if it is His will for me.  Most of of all, I desire to completely and joyfully surrender to Him.  I must keep my eyes on Him, for I can do nothing without His grace.

---home brewed kombucha

Up until now I have eliminated many items from my diet and that of my family’s.  I have been gearing up to add nutrient dense items back into our diets.  I’m fighting my nature and trying to take it slow.  I don’t want to become overwhelmed or zap what little energy I currently have.  Instead, I want to enjoy the process of restoring my health and patiently follow His lead.  I do it all in prayer.

My most recent addition to my diet has been kombucha tea.

Kombucha is a living health drink made by fermenting tea and sugar with the kombucha culture. The result can taste like something between sparkling apple cider and champagne, depending on what kind of tea you use. It's not what you'd imagine fermented tea to taste like.

Many of the benefits reported include improvements in energy levels, metabolic disorders, allergies, cancer, digestive problems, candidiasis, hypertension, HIV, chronic fatigue and arthritis. It ‘s also used externally for skin problems and as a hair wash among other things. ~ Seeds of Health


I started brewing kombucha at the start of Lent.  I had planned for my kombucha to brew for 20-25 days but decided to cut it short in efforts to kick-start my Lenten program renewal – 7 day Challenge.  My kombucha brewed for 15 days.

I started my kombucha with a scoby that was gifted to me by a friend from church.  It’s been fun to have another family at my parish who gets what I am trying to do for myself and family.  But I digress, I followed the recipe found at Cultures for Health and my team (Dad, Rose and I) watched their video - How to Make Kombucha Tea.


kombucha supplies

Little is needed to brew kombucha.  IMG_1135

The process was much easier than I had anticipated.

kombucha day 15IMG_1334


kombucha home brew

I was pleasantly surprised by the taste of kombucha tea.  It was not as vinegar-like as I had anticipated it to be.  I will definitely be having a glass or more a day.  As for my kids, the reviews are mixed.

Recently Updated74

Can you guess who likes it and who doesn’t?

Like:  Sweetie – 6 and Dragonfly – 20 months

Dislike: Sparkles – 8

Tolerate: Rose – 16

Absentee:  Papi – 4

(He is still dramatized by his bout with organic apple cider.  I have the children drink small amounts of ACV on a regular and as-needed basis.  Papi must have experienced temporary amnesia because he demanded that he be served more.  Dad honored his request.  Papi was thrilled that he was being allowed to have juice.  He downed the ACV without a breath in his flurry of excitement.  I’m not sure how long it will take for him to recover from that episode.)


I plan to add the kombucha tea to smoothies, dressings, and anything else that I can think of.  I also, have plans to flavor my kombucha tea.  My second batch is brewing as I type.

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  1. Kombucha tea is not an same as an simple tea. It comes as one of the purest forms of nature's offerings. This tea is a natural remedy for heart. I always take this tea.



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