My MarchBaby


My MarchBaby and I went to view OctoberBaby for our birthday retreat date night.  We invited friends, another mother and her two teen daughters.  Dad and I usually do not permit any social dates during Lent but we thought that this occasion and cause warranted an exception.

I opted for this simplified birthday retreat as soon as March rolled in.  The budget was already stretched and a heavy heart was made.

It was much more than just a retreat.  It was an almsgiving of sorts.  Dad and I knew that we would eventually watch OctoberBaby but we wanted to make a difference.  We wanted to send a message to the entertainment industry that there are people out there who want wholesome movies and are willing to support a prolife message.

October Baby jumped into the overall top 10 despite its screen count, taking in $1,718,427….The film's total is actually now $1,917,869…

OctoberBaby is a powerful movie that hit me on many levels.  It had a similar impact on Rose and her girlfriends.  I encourage all teens, parents, youth ministers,…all prolifers to take the time and money to view this movie. 

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  1. Hope to see it soon! You look great Lena!

  2. We loved it! Rod and I saw it yesterday and hoping to get our teens to see it soon:) Happy, joyful, wonderful, blessed birthday to both you and your precious March baby! Shouting out a BIG "Ave Maria" for this most special day in Salvation History!

  3. I so want to see this movie! Hopefully I will have time this weekend.

  4. I agree- wonderful movie. Happy Birthday to your daughter- whenever I see a picture of her I think of how I want my eldest daughter to be like that as a teen! She is so lovely! I'm praying for you as you heal. God bless you!!!



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