Pancakes & Weights

Day 4: 7 Day Challenge

Dad led the crew today as I took my sabbath.  The boys cuddled with me in the early morning.  It was nice while it lasted.  They ventured off with Dad.  He served me up breakfast in bed and experimented with more paleo pancake recipes.

He tried a pumpkin pancake and another coconut pancake.


(Dad forgot to take pictures and had to pull these pancakes off the littles’ plates.)

These pancakes were delish.  The kids ate them without any toppings.  I’m excited that we found another food option for Dragonfly, he loved the pumpkin pancakes.

2.25.12 - my littlest guy has been making some great improvements. he is slowly venturing away from his pureed squeezies. wednesday it was carrots and friday it was fish mixed up in shredded cheese, of course. we’re taking baby steps!


The overall winner by 5:2 was the  Pumpkin Paleo Pancakes from Primal 30 Day Challenge.

It was my first time tasting almond butter.  I think I am officially over my almond allergy.  Yea!!!  However, I’m still not brave enough to test other nuts.

I continued to stay up stairs until 2pm to give my body some much needed rest.  Then dad took me for an errand a date drive.  We drove to pick up some starter equipment.

starter rack

I needed to have some basic equipment in the convenience of my home.  It was too difficult to take a drive to my brother-in-law’s for my training.  By the time I got there I was too tired to get much done.  Now, I can work out whenever the energy strikes.  The best part is that my littles can be with me.

Dad and I left for our date drive without packing food—that’s a big no-no for us.  We stopped at a Safeway along the way to check their deli.  We  found some breaded cod and broccoli slaw.  Both selections were not ideal but it beat stopping for fast food or picking up some processed food junk.  I took off the breading and gave thanks for my cod filet.

We headed home and enlisted the help of my 17 year old cousin.  They straightened out the garage to clear an area for the squat rack.  It’s tough to find space when you have a garage filled with boxes from, homeschool storage, and seven bikes.  Dad has finally accepted the reality that he most likely will never have a garage to park a car.  It took about 1.5 hours for the mini purge thanks to my cousin.

The day ended with a hot bath and I was off to bed like a baby by 10:30pm.



  • 2 – free range/organic eggs
  • 4 – bacon (I have a dispensation to eat meat on Friday)
  • .25 – pumpkin pancake
  • ---
  • 3 – BLTA wraps
  • 1 TBLS Mayo
  • .5 orange
  • 1.5 – cod filet
  • .1 lb – broccoli slaw
  • 6 cups – water


  • cleaning the garage


  • 10:30pm – 5:30am (7 hrs)

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