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“Oh, how good God is!” ~St. Julie Billiart
Ah, qu'il est bon, le bon Dieu
Saturday was the seventh Little Flowers meeting for 2011-2012.  There are only two more meetings to go for Wreath III, not including our participation in the Marian Procession.
“By union with God we shall gain hearts…. Without this union we will but make a little noise.” ~ Saint Julie Billiart
Old ~ Feast Day – April 8
Sixth of seven children of peasant farmers Jean-François Billiart and Marie-Louise-Antoinette Debraine. She was poorly educated, but knew her catechism by heart at age 7, and used to explain it to other children. At age 14 she took a private vow of chastity, and gave her life to serving and teaching the poor. At age 22, she was sitting next to her father when some one shot at him; the shock left her partially crippled for 22 years. During the French Revolution, a group of her friends helped organize the work she'd started. Julia was miraculously healed of her paralysis on 1 June 1804, and resumed her work. Her organization became the Congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame (Institute of Notre Dame; Sisters of Notre Dame), dedicated to the Christian education of girls, formerly established in Amiens in, the first vows being made by Saint Julia and two others on 15 October 1804. The Congregation By the time of her death the Institute had 15 convents. ~SQPN
I discussed the life of St. Julie Billiart with the girls.  They were immediately drawn into her pious life as a young girl.  The girls also were excited to hear that she was part of a large family with seven children.  Many of the girls come from such a family.  C’s family has 12 children with one in heaven.

The girls could not believe that during St. Julie’s life one could not receive First Holy Communion until the early teen years.

We discussed the specific times in St. Julies life when her fortitude was most noticeable.  Then the girls thought of ways to work on fortitude in their home.  Mrs. D offered an example for the girls to work on fortitude.
“Doing school work to it’s completion, in a timely manner, with a cheerful smile, and to mom’s satisfaction.”
"Fortitude is the moral virtue that ensures firmness in difficulties and constancy in the pursuit of the good. It strengthens the resolve to resist temptations and to overcome obstacles in the moral life. The virtue of fortitude enables one to conquer fear, even fear of death, and to face trials and persecutions. It disposes one even to renounce and sacrifice his life in defense of a just cause. "The Lord is my strength and my song. In the world you have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world." -CCC: 1808
Our discussion on fortitude led us to the craft of the month – Mini Empty Tomb Garden.  I thought this was a perfect craft for the Lenten Season and the virtue of fortitude. (I hope to create and link to a tutorial within the week.)
Jesus’ fortitude that culminated in His death and resurrection.IMG_1107
The girls were instructed to say an ejaculation to the Good Lord every time they water/care for their garden.
We adore Thee, O Christ, and we bless Thee.
Because by Thy holy Cross, Thou hast redeemed the world.
“How good is the good God.” ~St. Julie Billiart
The girls created beautiful Mini Empty Tomb Gardens with the help of several moms.  A special thanks goes out to all the moms and siblings who offer a hand at the meetings and to those who work behind the scenes.  This is truly a group ministry.  Praise God!
We returned to the room for our closing.  Father L gave us a visit.  He spoke about the Lenten Season and took time for questions.  The girls received their blessing and gave Father a farewell.  The older girls of the group presented Father with His own Mini Empty Tomb Garden. 
S and her mom passed out the second snack, cupcakes in honor of S’s birthday on Monday.  There are three other LF who will be celebrating their birthday in March, including myself.  Birthday Blessings to all the March birthdays.

St. Julie Billiart ~ ora pro nobis
“I ought to die of shame to think I have not already died of gratitude to my good God.” ~St. Julie Billiart
“Let us pray more and more that the Kingdom of God may spread everywhere in the hearts of all. The harvest is great but there are no labourers. Let us work at becoming good labourers!” ~St. Julie Billiart
“The good God will give you grace and light to know what is right at the time.” ~St. Julie Billiart
“Days of darkness are perhaps our best and happiest days for glorifying the good of God.” ~Julie Billiart


  1. What a beautiful community and group to be part of! That craft is wonderful and so nice of the girls to make one for Father:) Happy Birthday month to you!!

  2. Happy Birthday to your group! These girls are so blessed to have such gifted women to lead them. What seeds you have planted in the kingdom of God!
    Blessings and +

  3. I just love the craft you choose for this meeting! (But then I always love your crafts!!) We were suppose to have a meeting this week for the virtue of Fortitude, and now I am wishing that we still were, since I'd love to do this craft with my group as well... We had to reschedule since Amy's baby has RSV, and I'm just not able to get anything done with my little guy yet. It will get easier, eventually! :)

    Thank you for sharing!



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