Today, I used a Christmas gift for the first time – Yonanas
Your yonanas maker will turn those over-ripe bananas into a delicious and creamy treat that looks and tastes like soft serve ice cream.
I doubt that I would have purchased this contraption but I’m glad to have it in my arsenal.  The yonanas maker creates a fabulous naturally sweet treat.  It’s our new ice-cream.  It’s nothing like what is produced by the blender or food processor.

The yonanas maker is sure to become permanent fixture on my counter top once the weather gets warmer.  (There was a storm warning in my area of N. CA today with the possibility of a tornado.)

The kids are rallying to save their weekly does of bananas – 5 bunches.

Nana has already committed to gifting the kids her frozen bananas.

We have all gone BANANAS for yonanas!

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