sparkles turned 9 on may 18.  she was certain to follow tradition, a birthday date night with mom and dad.


we left in the early afternoon to embark on her birthday plans.

sparkles planned a day of shopping, museum, dinning out, and celebration at home with her siblings.

dad and i took sparkles shopping.  she selected a sniff-n-smell t-shirt, flip flops, headband and used her birthday gift card for more goodies.


we spent over an hour at the local science museum.  it was the best deal in town.  admission was only $4 since dad and I received the teacher’s discount.  we had the museum all to ourselves for only $4!!



sparkles selected her regular birthday dinner, mexican food.  this is the third time that she has selected to dine out at this restaurant for her birthday.  it’s not her fav but she is one for tradition.


she selected her favortie sweet treat – apple pie.  she desired to bring a whole pie back home to share with everyone else, only after she stopped once more to pick up gifts party favors for her siblings.


sparkles chose a pirate set for papi, sword for dragonfly, princess set for her and sweetie, and soft sock for her big sis.


papa and nana surprised sparkles with a basketball hoop.


may the good Lord bless our sparkle who brings your joy to all.  may you continue to fuel her permanent smile and giving heart.  may you be her everything, always!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Sparkles! We are giving thanks to God today for the gift of your life!!!



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