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5.9.12 Long Jump

5.9.12 – Papi has shown an interest in track and field.  Dad has been training the littles in the long jump after their swim practice while they wait for Rose to finish.

5.5.12 Priests for Life

5.5.12 – I snapped a pic of Fr. S walking in the Marian Procession.  I hadn’t realized the significance of where the photo was captured until I uploaded it to my comp.  This pic is a great juxtaposition – Priests for Life!


5.5.12 – We hopped in the van and traveled to the moon to get a glimpse of the supermoon.  Dad recalled a show from the past, The Magic School Bus.  Rose was the only one who knew what he was talking about.  The kids had a great time chasing the moon for a closer look.

5.2.12 walkuma in the delta

5.2.12 – Physical exercise for everyone, including Uma.  This was her first swim since we’ve adopted her.

4.28 Playing School

4.28 – I love that my kids enjoy playing school just as I did when I was their age.

4.23 Feast Day of St. George

4.23 – Dragonfly celebrated his namesake day with a healthy treat from his Godmother.

4.23 sleepwalker

4.23 – Dragonfly was found sleeping in the hallway downstairs when he was supposed to be snuggled in bed.  Good thing dad didn’t step on him too bad.

4.22.12 hot day in the city

4.22 – The temp skyrocketed to high 90s and we all needed to cool off.


4.19 – Uma gives us all a reason to get to the park on a regular basis.


{pretty, happy, funny, real}

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  1. A true glimpse of joy! I haven't touched my camera in a long time and now I'm motivated to pick it up again. I think the last time I had it in hand, professor and I tried to get a shot of our supermoon... but it didn't turn out at all. I'll have to show him the shot you got. He'll also love the photo of the priest by the PP clinic. :) God bless all of you! Uma, too. ;)

  2. Love the photos especially the priest who appears to be praying infront of the PP clinic. Love your pictures they are truly joyful. We are also an adopting family and so appreciate those who choose the road less traveled! God Bless y'all!



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