Little Flowers Retreat ~ America for Mary, Our Blessed Mother

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This was the final meeting and retreat of my Little Flower leadership.  The theme of the retreat was our country – America for Mary, Our Blessed Mother.

Retreat pic JOY

It was a blessed day spent with twenty-three Little Flowers, several moms, some sibling helpers, and a couple of Priests.

The day started at 9am with our regular LF format.  Then we celebrated Mass, had lunch, and transitioned into our retreat.  Below is a brief overview of our schedule for the day that I loosely followed.

P62003279:00 – Arrival

9:10 – Attendance Roll, Prayer

9:15 – Recap Saints & Virtues for the Year

9:25 – Saint & Virtue Lesson – St. Anne & Responsibility

9:45 – Review Take-home Packet and update BinderRecently Updated84

9:55 – Craft – Spiritual Bouquet

10:30 – Snack

10:45 – Outdoor Play – jump rope, parachute, tag, races, hula-hoop, and more.

11:45 – Clean-up and restroom break

12:00 – Depart for prayer time in Church

12:15 – Mass

1:00 – Lunch

1:30 – Craft Rotation – God Bless America windsock and Love of Country Handprint Flag T-Shirt

2:15 – Clean-up

2:20 – Out Door Activities – St. Joan of Arc Water Wars, Crown of Mary Relay, and Gracefilled bubbles

3:00 – Snack

3:15 – Free play

4:10 – Clean-up

4:15 – Cool Snack

4:25 – Rosary

4:40 – Pack-up

4:45 – Quiet Craft – Patriotic Jewelry with pipe cleaners and pony beads

4:55 – Snack

5:00 Depart


Little Flowers Retreat 2012

America for Mary, Our Blessed Mother


God Bless America Wind socks

God Bless America Windsocks

God Bless America windsock at rectory

windsock displayed at the Rectory

Love of Country handprint shirt

Love of Country Handprint Flag T-Shirt


Crown of Mary relay

Crown of Mary Relay

water wars

St. Joan of Arc Water Wars

LF at play

Gracefilled Bubbles & Free Play

LF Friendships with Father

Patriotic Popsicles, Rosary, Friends & Fellowship


Patriotic Jewelry

America for Mary Jewelry


America for Mary, Our Blessed Mother logo

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mystical Rose, make intercession for the Holy Church, protect the Sovereign Pontiff, help all those who invoke thee in their necessities, and since thou art the ever Virgin Mary, and Mother of the True God, obtain for us from thy most holy Son the grace of keeping our faith, of sweet hope in the midst of the bitterness of life, of burning charity, and the precious gift of final perseverance. Amen.


  1. What an amazing day, Lena! All of the activities looked so much fun and honoring Our Lady was perfect:) Love the priestly presence...What a blessing! You and your family never cease to be an inspiration.

  2. Oh! I wish you lived in my community! You put things together so beautifully. God be praised!

  3. I cannot wait until my girls are old enough to join the Little Flowers, it looks like so much fun. And the retreat sounds great!



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