Love of Country Handprint Flag T-Shirt

Love of Country Shirt

This shirt was another craft made in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas.  Twenty-three little girls made this craft at my last Little Flowers Retreat.

craft inspiration

Love of Country Shirt supplies




  1. place wax paper inside t-shirt
  2. paint flag on hand with a generous amount of paint
    • right hand – thumb will not be painted
    • left hand – thumb will be the the bottom stripe of the flag
  3. reapply a coat of paint on hand to ensure that the paint as not dried
  4. apply painted hand to t-shirt at the desiredIMG_3568 location.  be certain that the blue area of the flag will be imprinted on the top left.  keep the fingers together and do not roll the hand—press straight down on the hand to ensure a complete imprint.  remove the hand straight up to avoid any smears.
  5. paint colored glitter paint over the corresponding color on the t-shirt
  6. let dry completely
  7. heat set painted flag with an iron.  place a lightweight pressing clothe over the flag.  set iron to the highest setting for your fabric.  press the iron over the painted area firmly for about 30 sec.  keep the iron moving over the pressing cloth to avoid scorching or burning of the shirt. 
  8. let cool
  9. remove wax paper
  10. wash and wear

Love of Country handprint shirt

Our Lady of Guadalupe ~ ora pro nobis


  1. Great idea, I would love to make a shirt using my little one's tiny handprints. Thanks for sharing. Karri at My Life's a Treaure.

  2. beautiful Lena. How wonderful that you have 23 girls in your LF group!



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