St. Anne ~ Responsibility ~ Mum


Mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Old ~ Feast Day – July 26

Anne and Joachim, her husband, were both of the royal house of David. They served God continually in prayer and good works, but were looked down upon by the Jews because they were childless. At length God gave them a daughter, who was to become the mother of His own divine son. Because St. Anne devoted herself ceaselessly to educating her child in innocence and sanctity, she is patron of all Christian mothers. St. Paul says that it is by a holy exercise of their parenthood that parents are to be saved (Col. 3:18-21).


I will meet on June 20 for the last Little Flowers meeting of the year.  It has become a tradition to hold a day retreat for the last meeting of the year.  We start the day with our normal meeting agenda.  Then we break for Mass.  We have lunch and then move onto the “retreat.”  The retreat is time for faithfilled crafts, activities, and social time.  Last year we were blessed to be joined by Father and two seminarians (who were ordained on 5.19).

This year’s retreat will start with a meeting on St. Anne & Responsibility.  The second half of the day will be the official retreat -- America for Mary, our Blessed Mother.






P6200353The Little Flowers completed a Spiritual Bouquet for Father L, in thanksgiving for his devoted care to the LF over the years.

Girls Retreat 6.202

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click here for a printable spiritual bouquet sheet that can be used for children to draw a picture on and complete the sentence, I will offer for you and your intentions…


You, my dear child, have a very difficult and 
responsible task — you have to preserve your inno-
cence; therefore go to your mother, to Mary,
the sweet Mother of God. Dangers threaten, and
hellish foes pursue you ; therefore fly to your Mother
and cling fast to her protecting hand.

~ Fr. Lasance Catholic Girls Guide

st anne -holycard

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