Growing in Holiness

“…your chances to grow in holiness, your chances to conform your will to God’s, to unite your will with His, your chances to live and teach your children love, are about to multiplied.”


There are many reflections playing in my head and stirring my heart. Many of which center around my current state in life and need for refinement as my family gears up for a “new” school year.  Why Homeschool  is brief audio meditation from Audio Sancto for you to listen to as you embark on a new school year. It's a short encouraging reminder to fight the good fight, to remain steadfast in peace, and to unite our will with His at all times. DEO GRATIAS!!

May you have a blessed school year that is fully united to His will!

Ad Jesum per Mariam,


“Remember success in homeschooling is not about reaching a certain goal or end but rather in the doing of it, and that is why it is so difficult – to strive especially when victory seems so far away or impossible. Be at peace and treat each moment as God’s precious gift for you.”


  1. Thank you for the link. I will indulge as soon as my paperwork is finished. I am procrastinating right now. :) I didn't realize that school started a week earlier for our district this year and am having a huge mental roadblock as I try to finish up for the mail tomorrow morning. So, this is something nice to look forward to.

    This year is different for my family, Lena. Please pray that we will have the courage to embrace the hard things He is calling us to. I pray for freedom but place chains upon myself. Why do we fight Him? But I am excited to see windows opening that do not look beautiful to the world but... we know better.

    God bless you as you begin your school year!!! ALL FOR!!!

  2. Lena, thanks for stopping by and commenting! I left a reply to your question.

    I've also had many reflections bouncing around in my head and heart. God bless!

  3. Thank you for the inspiration! I always find I have so much energy at the start of the year, but it begins to waver around the holidays.



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