I finally did it!  I went shampoo free a little over a month ago.  I went pretty basic to start with, baking soda and water.  I’ve been surprised with the results, good surprised.  Yet, I’m still trying to find the right combo for my thick hair.  It probably doesn’t help that I started during my pregnancy when my hormones are constantly changing. 

Rose seems to have it figured out.  The littles don’t seem to mind either way but they do miss the foaming suds.


I’ve been playing around a bit with castile soap in our hair solution mix.  If anything, it’s been great for our skin.

I hope to try a new hair solution this month.  Feel free to chime in with your advice for long super thick hair.


  1. When I was no-poo (with long thick hair) I used apple cider vinegar (diluted) and water. Baking soda for the roots every couple of weeks or when it became greasy.

    It took about 2 months for my hair to get used to everything. Right now I'm back to shampoo (only because I found a couple bottles when we moved). That and all the pregnancy/losses/pregnancy hormonal craze was just too hard to keep up the no-poo and cope with all that.

    When they're out, I'll go back to the no-poo solutions.

    I do only wash my hair once a week, with shampoo or no-poo. My hair loves it.

    My husband has been no-poo for over a year, with ACV/water solution. He has thick Hispanic hair - curly if it grows out - and has had no problems at all. The only 'problem' is that he tends to develop some flakes if he doesn't stay on top of his no-poo routine but now that we have his shunt stuff sorted out, he's been doing well (in both shunt and no flakes).

  2. I also have long, thick hair! I do 2T baking soda to 2c water and massage it into my hair. Then I rinse (mainly below the crown) with the same ratios, but with apple cider vinegar. Works perfect for me.

    However, I absolutely cannot achieve this when I'm pregnant! I did so a coconut milk shampoo recipe that I heard was good, so I may try that when I am pregnant again!



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