Child Led Learning & A Treat for St. Jogues

Learning leads us to all sorts of adventures, sometimes planned but usually they’re stumbled upon. Today was one of those normal days for us, unplanned learning.
The day started with an introduction to the saint(s) of the day - St. Isaac Jogues, John DeBrebeuf, and their Companions. The littles quickly became fascinated by the life of Saint Jogues. The remaining day’s lessons quickly changed focus to that of the St. Jogues. I posted some resources here.
Isaac Jogues was one of the French Jesuits who came from France in the seventeenth century to bring the gift of Baptism and the Faith to the Indians in the New World. It would be hard to find in all the lives of the saints a story more filled with danger, terror and blazing love than that of these Jesuits.
It was snack time before we knew it but no one wanted to stop our discussion about the heroic martyr. We did some more reading about the Indians that St. Jogues evangelized, the Huron Indians. The Hurons were an Iroquois tribe of some thirty-five thousand Indians. We learned, among many interesting facts, that the Huron Indian’s primary food was corn. The corn was often altered with what the Hurons had available to them, meat, fruit, or beans. That gave Sweetie and Sparkle the idea that we should make something out of blueberries. Papi had cake on his mind since he is working on the letter C. Our snack/treat lesson supplement was set, blueberry cake.
Although agriculture was important in the economy of the Huron, it was not the only source of subsistence. Berries, particularly strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries, were plentiful. Fruits were fried for winter use, to be used as preserves for the sick, to give taste to sagmite, and to put into the small cakes that were baked in the ashes. ~ An Ethnography of the Huron Indians, 1615-1649

Sparkles helped me scour online for a gluten-free blueberry cake recipe. We found our inspiration from the one and only, Paula Deen. She shared a delectable treat, Pineapple Blueberry Crunch Cake.

The girls checked the pantry as I listed the ingredients and Papi prepped the cooking station. We had everything on hand!

Some slight modification were made and the girls went to work. (The boys were sidetracked by an invitation from Papa and Nana to go purchase new shoes.)

Be sure to check Catholic Cuisine if you’re up for making this next year or celebrating St. Jogues and the First American Martyrs Feast day in the NO Calendar, on Oct. 19.
"My heart tells me that if I have the happiness of being employed in this mission, I shall go never to return; but I shall be happy if Our Lord will complete the sacrifice where He has begun it, and make the little blood I have shed in that land the pledge of what I would give from every vein of my body and my heart. In a word, this people is 'a bloody spouse to me'—'in my blood have I espoused it to me.' May our good Master, who has purchased them in His blood, open to them the door of His Gospel, as well as to the four allied nations near them. Adieu, dear Father; pray to Him to unite me inseparably to Him. ~ "ISAAC JOGUES, S.J."

In His JOY,

St. Isaac Jogues

O God, You blessed the first fruits of the faith in the vast expanse of North America by the missionary labors and martyrdom of blessed Isaac, John, and their companions. May the harvest for Christ grow daily more abundant in the whole world through the intercession of these saints. Through our Lord .



EO Calendar – September 26 ~ NO Calendar – October 19


These eight French Jesuit missioners, the first canonized saints of the North American continent, labored and died among the most barbaric of red men in the most impenetrable fastnesses of the 17th-century New World. After struggling with unbelievable privations and hardships, they were severely tortured and martyred by the Iroquois Indians between the years 1642 and 1649. Fathers Isaac Jogues and Anthony Daniel and the two lay oblates, John Lalande and Rene Goupil, gave their lives in what is now New York State; Fathers John de Brebeuf, Gabriel Lalemant, Charles Garnier, and Noel Chabanel in central Canada.


St. Isaac Jogues Patron: Americas; Canada.

Symbols: men dressed in Jesuit black robes with crucifix in hands; IHS is the symbol for the Society of Jesus; red (color for martyrdom); red roses (symbol of martyrdom)


“We consoled one another at this decree of Divine Providence and kept preparing ourselves for anything that God might ordain.” ~ St. Isaac Jogues



Audio -


"My confidence is placed in God who does not need our help for accomplishing his designs. Our single endeavor should be to give ourselves to the work and to be faithful to him, and not to spoil his work by our shortcomings."  ~Saint Isaac Jogues


Sancta Familia Academy 2012-13

Our call is to make our home a place that radiates His PEACE & JOY!

kids on table 4x6 harry 69

Sancta Familia Academy 2012-2013

Rose – 12  *  Sparkles – 3-4  *  Sweetie – 2 * Papi – Pre-K  * Dragonfly – Recess Monitor


kids in front of water 4x6 harry 69

Dad and I took the kids to the park for our school photos.  It took two hours for us to wrangle up the boys who seemed to have an aversion to the camera since it meant that they actually had to change out of their pjs. 

The littles were rewarded with licorice and a trip to the playground while Rose’s photo session extended a bit longer since she’s a senior and we wanted to capture some special pics. 


SCHOOL elissa sitting on bench julia 78SCHOOL ella smililing sitting on chair full body julia 58SCHOOL lexi sitting on chair full body JULIA 58SCHOOL gian  sitting on chair full body JULIA 78SCHOOL gio sitting on chair full body JULIA 78

Rose 17 – Sparkles 9 – Sweetie 7 – Papi 5 – Dragonfly 2



PAPI collage

SWEETIE collage

SPARKLES collage

ROSE collage


kids on tree 4x6 harry 69

School pictures from 2011-12

School pictures from previous years.


St. Elizabeth of Hungary, St. Christina, Our Lady of Fatima, St. Bernadette, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Out Lady of Mount Carmel, St. Clare, Our Lady of Lordes, Bl. Pope John Paul II, St. Matthew,  St. George, Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati, Bl. Teresa of Calcutta, St. Lawrence, St. Barbara, St. Maximillian Kolbe, St. Jose Maria Escriva, St. Ignatius of Loyola, St. John Chrysostom, St. Valentine of Rome ~ Orate pro nobis.

JOYfilledfamily GFG collage


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St. Therese of the Child Jesus, the Little Flower

Patroness of the Missions & Missionaries


NO Calendar: Oct. 1 - Memorial St. Theresa of the Child Jesus, virgin

EO Calendar: Oct. 3 - St. Theresa of the Child Jesus, virgin


We are preparing for the feast day (in the EO calendar) of St. Therese of LIsieux, October 3.

We will start our novena on September 24 and end on October 2, the eve of St. Therese’s feast day.  We will continue to use the novena found at EWTN since we are particularly found of the daily mediations. 

We will lead the littles in the twenty-four Glory Be to the Fathers Novena, also referred to as the Miraculous Rose Novena.


Act of Oblation as Victim to God's Merciful Love
(Composed by St. Thérèse)

In order that my life may be one act of perfect Love, I offer myself as a victim of holocaust to Thy merciful Love, imploring Thee to consume me unceasingly, and to allow the floods of infinite tenderness gathered up in Thee to overflow into my soul, so that I may become a very martyr to Thy Love, O my God.  May this martyrdom, after having prepared me to appear in Thy presence, free me from this life at the last and my soul take flight -- without delay -- into eternal embrace of ThereseHandsFoldColorThy Merciful Love.
O my Beloved!   I desire at every beat of my heart to renew this oblation an infinite number of times, 'till the shadows retire,' and everlastingly I can tell Thee my love face to face.


Daily Offering to God

(Number 10 in the collected prayers of St. Thérèse)

My God, I offer you all that I do today

for the intentions and the glory of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

I want to sanctify every beat of my heart,

my thoughts and my simplest works

by uniting them to his infinite merits.

I want to repair for my faults

by casting them into the furnace of his merciful love.

O my God!

I ask you for myself and for those dear to me

the grace to fulfil perfectly your holy will

and to accept for love of you

the joys and sorrows of this passing life,

so that one day we may be reunited in Heaven for all eternity.







Audio & Video:


st therese and holy family thumb

Blessed Occasion


We are getting ready to depart for a blessed occasion - Solemn Pontifical Mass for the official opening of the Carmelite Monastery in Canyon.


Rose had the opportunity to visit the Carmel earlier this month.  Sodality made a special visit and had the unique opportunity to speak with the Carmelites, removed from the grille.  They gave wonderful direction to the young ladies present, including Sparkles. 

We are blessed to be a part of this joyous occasion and look forward to sharing when we return.

I am offering the Mass for all the intentions that you have shared (via email, phone, or on your blog).

Ad Jesum per Mariam,


The Carmel of Jesus, Mary and Joseph can be traced back to a sixteenth century Spanish Carmelite Monastery founded by Saint Teresa of Jesus. Two daughter monasteries were established in Mexico. In 1927, the Community established a Carmel in California. Later, a monastery was founded in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was discerned that God was calling them to transfer to the Lincoln Diocese. The Carmel of Jesus, Mary and Joseph near Agnew was dedicated and consecrated on December 14, 2001. The Carmelites devote their lives to prayer, strive to live a life hidden with Christ, and honor the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Family Trip – Day 3

Papa and Nana took the entire family on a week getaway.  We spent three days at a theme park.  It was a nice opportunity for me to work on eutrapelia.  Winking smile

This is my picture re-cap - the PRETTY, HAPPY, FUNNY, AND REAL.

10:30 – 9:15




Day 1Day 2 – Day 3

Family Trip - Day 2

Papa and Nana took the entire family on a week getaway.  We spent three days at a theme park.  It was a nice opportunity for me to work on eutrapelia.  Winking smile

This is my picture re-cap - the PRETTY, HAPPY, FUNNY, AND REAL.


Day 2

10:00 – 8:45





Day 1 – Day 2 – Day 3

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