Family Trip

Papa and Nana took the entire family on a week getaway.  We spent three days at a theme park.  It was a nice opportunity for me to work on eutrapelia.  Winking smile

This is my picture re-cap - the PRETTY, HAPPY, FUNNY, AND REAL.


Day 1

10am – 8:30

disneyland 2012

9.10.12 dl cousins9.10.12 rocket ship ride ella leah elexa9.10.12 rocket ship ride elissa gio v29.10.12 rocket ship ride gian dad9.10.12 its a small world mom gio9.10.12 its a small world elexa ella leah9.10.12 its a small world gio9.10.12 buzz blaster cousins9.10.12 buzz blaster dad mom gian9.10.12 buzz blaster elissa and gio9.10.12 buzz blaster ella tiana9.10.12 mad hatter gio with woody ears9.10.12 mad hatter pirates dad and gian9.10.12 gian with his goofy hat9.10.12 tea cups dad lissa gio matteo gian9.10.12 tea cups tiana leah ella elexa9.10.12 tea cups dad lissa gio matteo gian v39.10.12 pirates of the carribean dad and boys

9.10.12 tarzan tree house gian and gio

9.10.12 toon town gian breaking into jail9.10.12 toon town gian and the gym9.10.12 toon town car elissa gian ella elexa9.10.12 mickey mouse and gian


Day 1Day 2Day 3

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  1. What a wonderful family trip it must have been. Are grandparents wonderful? :)



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