8.24.12 papi five

This is a belated birthday post for Papi’s fifth birthday – August 24, 2012.

8.24.12 papi's bday

He planned his birthday date with mom and dad and invited all of his sibling.  His spot of choice was Chuck E. Cheese’s.  He even found his own coupon.

8.24.12 papi's bday pic

We went during the early hours to avoid a crowd.  Papi passed out the tokens and they ventured off.  It was nice to have Veggie Tales music playing in the background instead of pop music.

8.24.12 kids playing games and riding rides

The kids shared a cheese pizza and had a sliver of chocolate cake.

8.24.12 papi's bday pizza8.24.12 papi's bday cake

8.24.12 papi's bday ride

We returned home to detox from the sugar and excitement rest.  Rose and I prepped for our birthday-buddies’ dinner with Nana and Papa.

8.24.12 papi's bday meat8.24.12 papi's bday zitti

We made one of Papi’s favorite dishes, baked ziti and tri-tip, it was gluten free.  Turns out, Papi isn’t fond of pasta anymore but he did get his fill of meat.

Rose made a delicious gluten free chocolate strawberry cake.

8.24.12 birthday buddies

8.24.12 birthday buddies cake

The birthday buddies opened their gifts from Nana and Papa.

8.24.12 papi's bday presents from papa and nana v28.24.12 papi opening his gifts

Papi received an eclectic guitar and a digital camera. 

The night ended with a late night birthday swim.

8.24.12 late night swim

May the Good Lord bless you and keep you.


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  1. happy blessed FIVE to your Papi!! the baked Ziti and the cake look delicious!!



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