Anything for a Friend

Melody has generously given me a blog award.  I must say, I share her sentiment…

I must confess that I am a terribly ungracious blog award-receiver in general. They often come with requirements and I usually procrastinate and then don't end up acknowledging the kindness.

I’ve failed to follow the guidelines for blog awards for far too long.  I apologize to all those who have graciously acknowledged my blog with an award in the past - trust that your intentions were added to my prayers.


This one is for you Melody!  The good Lord has blessed me through your blog and even more so through your friendship.  I will forever hold a place in my heart for you and your dear family.  You have and continue to play an important role in my journey.  You amaze me with your talents especially your way with words.  You put a voice to my heart’s promptings and provide me solace, knowing that I am not alone.  More impressive than your talents are your desire and willingness to lay everything aside for Him. 

I will continue to hold you near in prayer.  May the Good Lord give you the grace to live the radical life, inspire and lead many souls home.

I too, pray that we meet one day if it be His holy will.  Until then, you know my number.  Smile

7 Things about Myself

  1. I’m not a procrastinator, I just work best under pressure. Which is what I’m doing now.  I should be working on final details for a bake sale that is scheduled for this Sunday but instead I’m here, blogging away.
  2. I’m currently fighting the temptation to become overwhelmed with having another boy on the way.  The moments when I witness one little man jumping off the table with scissors in hand towards another little man do not help the temptation.
  3. I can easily see myself living as a hermit or perhaps in the cloistered life especially when I’m post rage from the example given in #2.
  4. My heart was melted several weeks ago.  Dad went to help his mom clean out  her attic.  He came home with a few boxes full of treasures.  One of which contained a large ziploc bag full of letters.  Turns out that Dad saved every letter I ever wrote him while in high school. Sweetness!  I’ve shared more sweetness about my beloved here.
  5. I’m a wannabe crunchy, homestead loving, minimalist….. You saw the “wannabe,” right?  I desire to go al’ natural in almost all areas of my life but fear that my laziness lack of know how will lead me to failure.  I even dream about living off the grid.  Dad humors supports me for the time being.  We pray to joyfully go where the good Lord leads us!
  6. I’m not very good at majority of things but I’m often told how gifted, confident, blessed with time, talented…I am.  The truth is, His grace allows me to fake it until I make it.  Showing up is the real challenge.  I’ve learned if I just show up He can do the work.  He is my everything!!!
  7. On a more serious note, I have a cross, a secret of sorts.  I have sought direction and received absolution.  I have peace but consequences remain.  Dad and I have committed to carry this cross on our own and not burden others with it at this time in our lives.  I share this for three reasons.  One, too often we look at our neighbor and think that they have it all together and they don’t struggle like we do.  The reality is, as children of God, we all have a cross to bear.  Let’s keep our eyes on Him!!  The second reason I share this news is because I sense that many believe there is time to ask for forgiveness. To those that fall into this category, I urge you, DO NOT BE PERSUMPTIOUS for you know neither the day or the hour – seek forgiveness today!  Lastly, your sins of today will forever leave a mark on you while on earth – consequences.  Yes, the Good Lord forgives all that come before Him with true repentance but we are human and live in an imperfect world.  Do not tread the waters lightly.  Avoid unnecessary occasions of sin, pray for spiritual protection always, and visit the sacraments often.  Make frequent acts of reparation! 

7 Other Bloggers

This is a tough one for me since I have many blogs that I follow and Melody and Tiffany have already been included with this award. I hope to be back soon with my 7 nominations.


The rules:

  • Recipients need to thank the giver Include the logo of the award in a post or on your blog (yup.)
  • Post 7 things about yourself
  • Pass the award onto 7 other bloggers of your choice and let them know they’ve been nominated 

    1. Lena, I loved getting a little glimpse of your lovely self!! your words get right to the heart of it all! Yes, keep our eyes and our heart on HIM!!! God bless you. Thank you for your number 7 too !

    2. Same here.. I really enjoy reading your thoughts for many times, I feel that I am reading my own thoughts. Thank you for how you have blessed us in some many ways. We'll keep praying for you and your beautiful family!

    3. This was fun to read, Lena. =) Have you contacted Jen of about Texas? She lives just outside the Dallas area.

    4. Hello Lena!

      I am having an Autumn giveaway on my blog if you would like to enter. I will be posting a prize day till November 2. :)


    5. thank you for taking the time to drop by and give a word of encouragement. may God bless you for your charity.

      Ad Jesum per Mariam, Lena

      P.S. Elisa, I'll be certain to contact Jen. Thank for that lead.



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