Day 2: Nesting ~ 31 Days of reflections from a pregnant mama

Is it too ealry to start nesting?  That’s right, I’m only fivpelicanneste months along and I have the urge.  More than the urge, I put a plan into action.   Perhaps it’s the fear that I will not have the energy later on in pregnancy or maybe it’s the prompting of the Holy Ghost that some other change is coming.  I believe that it’s a bit of both – change (aside from a new bundle of joy) and an anticipation of decline in energy.  I desire to enjoy the present moment and go where He leads, trusting that He will take care of tomorrow.

As I have made reference to before, my energy is fleeting.  It’s been an ongoing health issue that I’ve been trying to get under control.  Ditching the SAD (Standard American Diet) has tremendously helped in that area.  I found out that I was pregnant just when I was ready to commit to the next step in my health and fitness.  Now, I’m not sure what is pregnancy related and what is part of my pre-existing issue.  Whatever the case may be, He has given me and my family the graces to persevere.

The deep cleaning of the downstairs was completed last week.  It helped that I had invited over another mom.  I played with the idea of meeting her elsewhere to get our work done but I knew that I could use the motivation to get my house in order.  What I didn’t expect was that my cleaning partner, Dad, would have a new schedule that has him gone from morning until 3pm.  Nonetheless, I stuck to a plan, did what I could and offered up the rest.  His grace was sufficient.  I managed to lead the troops to a clean house with limited help from Dad.

Next, I plan to tackle my storage master bedroom.  It’s in need of a major purge.  Not only for the new baby but for a pathway to walk safely.  Once my sanctuary is recreated I will tackle the laundry room, kid’s bedrooms, office, and my paper clutter.  The finale will be the garage.  It’s my hope to have it all done by the end of the month. 

Please pray for this pregnant mama on a mission!

In His JOY,


This is day 2 of my pregnancy reflections. You can find the other posts of my 31 Days here.

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  1. Lena, great accomplishment, and you've got your plan in order!! God will guide, and Our Lady will cover you in graces to see it through! I'm praying for you and your family and little baby.



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