Day 8: Date Night ~ 31 Days of reflections from a pregnant mama

Store up your love bank – take as many date nights as possible while you’re waiting for your new bundle of joy.  Date nights will be few and far between for the first few months once the baby arrives.


I needed this reminder today.  Dad came home and sDate Night 10.12.12aid, “Let’s go out tonight.”  I was still in my workout clothes from my 6am walk.  My eyes were bloodshot and I politely declined his invitation so I could plop myself in bed.  It took all about ten minutes for me to realize what I had just done – dissed my husband for no good reason.  I give thanks for His grace to help me see things clearly – I have a husband who wants to be with me!

Deo gratias!!!

We had a short and sweet date night to the movies.  We had plenty of conversation.  Nonetheless, we’ll be certain to take our Date Night Questions the next time we go out.

Gift cards are one of the best gifts to give a couple with a handful of children.  They make date nights an easy option without the guilt of spending money.  Dad and I love gift cards!!!


This is day 8 of my pregnancy reflections. I realize that I am a few days behind, four days to be exact.  I’m trying to own it and fight the urge to account my absence to placenta brain our sleep deprivation. 

You can find the other posts of my 31 Days here.


  1. You look beautiful! Great picture of the two of you! Glad you were able to go out, and I agree, gift cards are the BEST gift! :)

  2. I'm glad you decided to go out after all. Juan and I just spent the night alone for the first time in 11 years this past weekend so for our 11th anniversary. It was a little scary, but such a wonderful renewal for us and a blessing to be able to concentrate on just each other for almost 24 hours. It was truly a blessing (my friends daughter stayed the night with the kids), and I am grateful that we were able to enjoy our time together. God Bless!



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