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mumkin JOY

Mumkins!  We made three of these beauts for the RMGS bake sale.  I saw the idea on BHG and Pinterest, of course.  Here’s the best inspiration/tutorial that I found.


pumpkin cleaning JOY

Dad and the littles helped prep the pumpkins for the mumkins. 

Dragonfly was less thrilled about actually putting his hand in the goo but would take an occasional stab at it, only getting one seed out at a time.

RMGS Bake Sale JOY

The RMGS Bake Sale was a success!


Papi at the bake sale JOY

This is Papi at the bake sale.  He prefers nature’s candy.  I found these pics on my camera when I went to upload.  Turns out the girls from the bake sale tied him up in the kitchen.  I’m not sure how long it lasted but he didn’t seem to mind.  NO MORE FRUIT CUPS!!!


Installation of Fr. McNeely as Pastor JOY

It’s official, our parish now has a Pastor.  Deo Gratias!!




  1. Dallas has a special place in my heart. I truly hope and pray you can see your moving dreams come true soon!

  2. Wow! What a wonderful job you all did on the bake sale. Right out of a catalog. :) I love the pic of Papi. Our Crash was tied up yesterday as well... I think his brother did it but no one is talking...lol! Praise the Lord for His beauty and goodness!

  3. I love the mumkin - what a great idea!

  4. So creative!

    don't know anything about the Dallas area, but from looking online seems like a strong trad area. Keep up posted!

  5. Those mumkins are so cute! What a clever idea!

  6. That is the prettiest bake sale I have ever seen! And the mumkins are adorable. I'll have to remember those for next year :)

  7. Beautiful mumkins, Lena! Love the name:) Love seeing your fun little guys the best! Wow, you are praying and thinking about moving? TX!?? Maybe you can spy, I mean hug, Hank for me once in awhile. OH how I miss him so! I will add this intention to our prayers to go a long with that little one in the womb:)

  8. Great post. I do think it's funny how some children can't stand putting their hands inside pumpkins!

    Love the photo with your priest.



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