Simple Costumes

tunic cut

Sparkles and Sweetie finished up the base of their costumes two weeks ago.  Sparkles couldn’t wait to sew something after her first sewing project.  Sweetie jumped on board.

I followed a simple tutorial for a tunic (Bible time costume) that I found on YouTube.  My fabric is sheets from the thrift store. 

The girls sewed their tunics and are gathering accessories.  We hope to have every thing completed by the end of this week.

We opted to purchase the boy’s costumes this year.  Originally, Papi wanted to be St. George and make Dragonfly the dragon.  I almost went for it since Nana bought Dragonfly a darling dragon sweat suit like costume.  Needless to say, I backed out of that idea - it just didn’t feel right having my lil’ guy representing the Devil.  Good call, I know.  Smile

Dad spotted the perfect costumes at Costco.  We couldn’t pass them up at $24 a piece!  It’s all about simplicity in our house these days!

warriors for Christ

The boys have been wearing their costumes daily since September. 


  1. Can't wait to see the girls' completed costumes!

    We have the same Costco costumes. Love them!! I bought the one Papi is wearing for my Snuggles this year, along with wings, so he can be St. Michael.

    I feel the same about dressing a little one up as a Dragon/Devil to go along with St. George.. I've been asked in the past by other parents if that would be okay for the parties we had at the Church and always said no- since all the other children were required to dress as Saints/Holy People! :)

    However, this year, since our party will be at our home, I did find a little dragon costume for our cat, to go along with Rascal's St. George costume this year! ;) We'll see if we can get it on that devilish cat of ours! lol

    1. Great minds think alike, I bought Pali wings since he calls him St Michael. :) although, he's opting out of wearing the wings now. I'll be a wingless angel.

      Great idea to dress up your pet as the dragon. I've also seen stuffed animals tied/glued to the feet/pant leg of the costume for St Michael and other saints that slay the evil one.

      What time do you want me there for the party? Lol. I wish!!! Have a blessed feast!!



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