All Saints’ Day Party

we were blessed to be able to attend this year’s parish festivities. 

only the littles dressed up this year but all were excited.


sparkles was ruth.


sweetie was martha.


dragonfly was st. george.  here he is waiting for the parade of saints.

St. Michael IMG_4684

papi was st. michael.  there was no convincing him that angel wings are for boys, too. 


also, it turns out that dressing at home beats dressing up elsewhere.


both papi and dragon barely made it through the litany of saints with costumes on.  here they are, ten minutes into the parade of saints, sans costumes.  we did manage to keep their pants on.


rose passed on dressing up this year but she did wear a fleur de lis shirt in honor of our blessed mother.

Mary and Martha PA310837

parade of saints is held after the litany of saints in the church.  i missed the photo opp for sparkles.

Ruth and Naomi PA310866

here she is with her mother-in-law friend.


the communion of saints gathered out back for the games and treats.


PA310941PA310857PA310913PA310907PA310898PA310890Dad having fun with Fr. B

fun was had by all ages.  fr. b declared a water war on dad.  it ended with a botched attempt to dunk dad in the water trough. 


fr. m told saintly ghost stories.


saints inspected their loot before departing.

the night ended with wet littles scurrying to put on their pjs in the car for the hour drive home. 


Omnes sanctæ Virgines et Viduæ ~ Orate pro nobis

All ye holy men and women, Saints of God, Make intercession for us.

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