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The felt name tag is a simple embroidery project that I used for my RMGS girls.  I ended up using felt that I had stashed away in the craft room.  I believe it was felt that Rose used for her Christmas gifts from two years ago - felt posies. 

The members of Rosa Mystica Girls’ Society will use the name tags for meetings, social events, and service projects.

9.1.12 girls working on their embroidered name tags




  • felt
  • safety pins
  • embroidery floss
  • embroidery needle
  • scissors (pinking shears)
  • hot glue gun
  • paint chip cards or cardstock or recycled plastic credit card/gift card


Steps:name tag felt pieces

  1. cut felt to desired shape and size (felt 1)
    • trim out with pinking shears
  2. write name on felt with sharpie
  3. embroider name onto felt with a split stitch
    • more threads in the floss will yield a bolder name
  4. cut another piece of felt (felt 2), slightly bigger than the felt with the embroidered name (felt 1)
    • trim out with pinking shears
  5. (optional) stich the embroidered Felt 1 to the backing – Felt 2, using a running stitch around the parameter
  6. double up the paint chip or cardstock by gluing two pieces together
    • trim the glued pieces to a size slightly smaller than the largest piece of felt (felt 2)
name tag backname tag backing 

     7.   hot glue Felt 2 to the cardstock backing

     8.  (to be done if step 5 was not completed) hot glue Felt 1 to Felt 2 name tag back with pin

     9.  adhere a safety pin to the pack of the assembled felt pieces, using hot glue

     10.  embellish as desired

embroidered name tag - leader


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  1. What a gorgeous family you have...wow! I love the stash project. Those name tags came out nicely. Thanks for joining me. Tricia



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