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Bare Jesse Tree 2012
The Jesse Tree represents Jesus’ family tree.  It takes us through that first long Advent, which lasted from the Fall to the Incarnation with a collection of Scripture meditations to prepare for the coming of Christ at Christmas.
Here are some FREE Jesse Tree resources that I have found helpful and/or plan to incorporate this year.  There are a few resources for purchase listed at the end of this post.
I am excited to have my first non-paper ornament Jesse Tree this year, thanks to Jessica at Housewifespice.   Jessica coordinated a Jesse Tree Ornament Swap this year and I was blessed to be able to participate.  I hope to share my ornaments here once they arrive.
My Jesse Tree is a transformed faux lemon tree, courtesy of my boys. 
***UPDATE*** a tutorial for my ornament can be found here.
Jesse Tree Scripture Printables -
Homemade Jesse Tree Ornaments
Jesse Tree Ornaments to Print/Color
O Antiphons
Jesse Tree Books to Purchase
Jesse Tree Ornaments to Purchase
An Intentional Advent 
Peace in the Preparations: Advent 2012 Collection




  1. Lena~This is so great! Do you happen to know the best Jesse Tree devotional book that might be Catholic? We still use our paper ornaments but wanting to delve into a little deeper on the meaning on a daily basis. Hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving! BYW, Love your new FB page:)

  2. Hi Tiffany,
    I just purchased the Jesse Tree Study Guide from Sanctus Simplicitus and I couldn't be happier. It is CATHOLIC!!! It can be purchased as a hard copy of PDF. The book contains readings for the 24 days preceding Our Lord's Nativity starting December 1st.
    Each day is numbered and has the name of the ancestor of Jesus at the top along with a smaller version of the ornament that goes with the section. The page contains a story or two on that part of Christ's geneology as well as questions and things to do on the same topic. Throughout there are cooresponding poems and art work. All the stories and poems were taken from old imprimatured school books that have long since been out of print and are at times difficult to locate. This guide puts them altogether to make one simple book to follow that may be read either by the child or the parent or both.

    Scattered throughout are worksheets for the child to fill out along with copy work verses. Listed at the end of many of the days are also references to other books and stories that correspond with that days lesson. The artwork is taken from various places but a good portion of it comes from these wonderful old Catholic books!

    Not only is all the information in one easy to use location, have beautiful Catholic artwork and tells the story of the Old Testament family members of Christ but also teaches the Catholic Catechism along with it. This truly unique approach has Catechism stories, questions and lessons tied right in with the Old testament stories.
    You will not be disappointed with this Advent/Jesse Tree Study Guide.

  3. Wow!! What a help! I'm going to share this with some friends who were wanting to start the Jesse Tree with their families this year. Thank you!

  4. This is a great list! I'm looking forward to having the ornaments from the swap too! We're excited for them to arrive. =)



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