Putting Our Faith into Action

Alicia Van Hecke has created a wonderful list to remind us that we must put our faith into action, 100 Things You Can Do to the Make the Country More Pro-Life (and Catholic) No Matter Who is President.  You can read her list and suggest updates at her blog, Living Differently.


100 Things You Can Do to the Make the Country More Pro-Life (and Catholic) No Matter Who is President

Not trying to get into a political discussion here, just an opportunity to remind ourselves what we are capable of regardless of the political situation. A list in progress (in no particular order), please share your own Pray for Americasuggestions in the comments box...

1. Respond with Love.
2. In particular, keep the post-election conversations charitable.
3. Have children (and read about "The Roe Effect").
4. Support cool pro-life organizations like Save the Storks.
5. Talk to people. Keep it simple. Don't try to fix everything at once.
6. Work on your prayer life and your relationship with God.
7. Watch how you talk about other people - especially people you don't like.
8. Support the disabled.
9. Recognize what is good in others (and in our country and in our culture) and thank God.
10. Cut back on expenditures to share with others.
11. Donate to a pregnancy help center (a car seat or even a baby blanket can save a life).
12. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, food pantry or other outlet for the needy.
13. Live your life as a reaction to Christ's love for you, not a reaction to the culture or the current political situation.
14. Live what you believe.
15. Pray for our politicians and for our country.
16. Remember that it's not all up to you - you just need to do your part with love and leave the rest up to God.
17. Make friends with people outside your political or religious circles.
18. Cultivate joy in your family and in your community.
19. Adopt a baby or become a foster parent.
20. Help your parish become more life friendly.
21. Encourage each other!
22. Be Not Afraid!
23. Sponsor a needy child overseas (through organizations such as Caritas for Children).
24. Challenge yourself to be a better Christian.
25. Forgive someone who has hurt you.
26. Be a good witness to the Faith.
27. Love those who are suffering.
28. Donate your used belongings to organizations like St. Vincent de Paul Society.
29. Don't just vote pro-life: think pro-life and act pro-life (to every person you encounter!).
30. Don't despair at what is going wrong with our world - find what you can make better (and do it!).
31. Empower others with hope.
32. Stock your car with "Blessing Bags" to give to the needy.
33. "Replace Them".
34. Love Your Neighbor.
35. Share your gifts with others.
36. Be understanding, loving and helpful to those who have gotten themselves in desperate situations.
37. Cultivate hope in your own life.
38. Donate uplifting books about children with Down Syndrome (or other disabilities) to your public library.
39. Visit the lonely, the sick, and the elderly.
40. Tutor a disadvantaged or special needs child.


Consecration of America
Immaculate Mary, most Holy Mother of God and of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we the people of the United States of America at this historic moment stand before you in a humbled condition of love, loyalty,
affection, and thankfulness. To your Immaculate Heart we recommit and dedicate ourselves throughout the entire American nation. To your Son Jesus Christ we pledge to serve His teaching, His church, and to work for His kingdom on earth. O Mary, to you do we flee for protection. Surround the American family with your maternal care; enfold us in your arms. Give to this American land, built on the blood and tears of so many faithful forebears, a peaceful and praiseworthy existence in truth, love, justice, and freedom. O Mary, we submit to you as the Patroness of our beloved country. O Mary, Help of Christians, enfold the Holy Father and the Catholic Church within your protective cloak; be our shield in the days ahead. Give to the Church true holiness and freedom. Obtain for our leaders holy zeal, the ability to face the truth, and the courage to correct all abuses. Stop the flood of atheism, greed, heresy, impurity, lukewarmness, materialism, and selfishness that threaten our nation. Show to those who have strayed from the Church the way to Our Lord Jesus Christ. Mother of God, accept our personal consecration to you and, through you, bind us forever to the Holy Trinity. Gather us all into your Immaculate Heart and unite us forever with Jesus. O Mary, we love you. Amen.
God Bless America!


  1. Thank you for sharing this - what a wonderful list! I've been trying to orgnize my own thoughts and especially actions on my own pro-life lifestyle lately and I'll be printing this out :)

  2. Awesome list! Thank you for sharing, Lena. I linked this post over at my place:) God bless your sweet pro-life family:)

  3. What a great list, May God Bless America!

  4. Thanks for commenting on my {phfr}! Your children are beautiful, and I look forward to keeping up with your blog! My husband and I are "paleo" (with raw milk and cheese), and I love finding other Catholic families that do the same!

  5. This is wonderful! I love how positive and proactive this list is. I think when it comes to this election and to politics in general, so many of us forget that despair and anger are not of the Lord.

    My sister is a Little Sister of the Poor, taking care of poor elderly in Queens. I'm sure she and the other sisters (who did vote!) were disappointed by the outcome of the election, but I also think they are much too busy helping others and living the out Beatitudes to discuss the election much or lament about the state of the country.



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