Answered Advent Prayers

It’s been a record breaking advent for us so far. Sure, we had planned for a grand family advent journey that reigned with simplicity, prayer, pilgrimage, and service. In addition, I entered Advent with several prayer intentions.

In regards to my marriage: “Lord give me time with Dad before the baby comes; Lord give me the grace to serve Dad joyfully, Lord, please free up Dad to be more assessable during my time of need (last trimester and labor); Lord, give me the grace to joyfully accept your will…” God listened and answered my prayers in the most unexpected and undesirable of ways, as He always does. For my plans are not His plans.

I now sit bedside in a hospital watching over Dad while he lays in the Neurosurgical Intensive Care Unit (NSICU).

Dad fell off a ladder on Tuesday while doing his normal rounds of yard work at our parish. He fell from 8-10 feet high onto the concrete, face first. Father B was there to assist him. He went straight to the ER for assessment. Rose waited with him while I dropped off the littles with Nana and Papa. The drive was a bit longer than normal due to a storm, 1.5 hrs.

I arrived at the ER to be greeted by a bloody but blessed site, dad wounded in bed while he smiled and joked with Fr. B. Praise God!! Fr. B gave him a blessing before departing, four hours later.

Several tests were run while Dad was in the ER. At about 12am stitches were administered for his face wound. This time Fr. M watched eager to try to offer a hand. It was concluded that Dad did not suffer a spinal cord injury. He was admitted to the Neurosurgical ICU at 2am for further observation for some ligament damage in his neck.

I took Rose home in the morning to help with the littles and get some rest. I returned to the NSICU. More tests, more discomfort, more waiting – more opportunities for us to spend together and for me to serve him JOYFULLY.

We teased that our date weekends always seem to end up in a hospital. We gave thanks for the time together, even if it was kept in silence.

Dad remains in the NSICU for the time being as his bed is prepped in the main hospital. He desires to go home but is suffering from his concussion. He continues to vomit and is too nauseous to stand/walk. His discharge is uncertain at this time.

Dad’s recent consolation arrived in the form of Fr. L. Dad adores Fr. L, his spiritual director. They shared stories and Father wrapped up his short but intimate visit with a blessing. This blessing was much needed. The blessing covered all aspects of spiritual warfare – a powerful blessing for a vulnerable time.

I will be staying another night with Dad – more time together and more time to serve.

Please continue to keep our beloved Dad in your prayers. Please pray that I may JOYFULLY serve him, with my 29 week belly, swollen feet, and tired self. I rely on your prayers and His grace!


We shout in praise and thanksgiving for…

  • Dad’s injury – a reminder of what is important and that we should not presume that tomorrow will come.
  • Dad’s wellbeing – Yes, dad has taken a beating but we are fully aware of just how bad it could have been.
  • Faithful Priests – bringing His peace, sacramental, and offering consolation at our time of need.
  • Time together – in whatever form it may be, we cherish it.
  • Family - selflessly giving their time to take care of all my children on a whim.
  • Friends and prayer warriors – offering their prayers and acts of charity.
  • Stripping of self and plans – leading us one step closer to becoming His true servants.
  • Intercession of Our Blessed Virgin Mother & all the saints – leading to His peace, healing, and a spiritual protection.
  • His grace!



12.6.12 – Dad is home. He has a follow up in four weeks with the neurosurgical team. Thank you for your prayers. We will continue to pray and offer sacrifices in return for your charity at our time of need.


  1. Lena,

    Yes, our plans are not His plans. His are always the best.

    I remember when our 5th child was a little baby and my husband broke his leg. He was home for 7 weeks and that time turned out to be a real blessing for us all, despite Andy's pain.

    I hope your husband is soon feeling better. I will pray for you both.

    God bless.

  2. Oh my! so sorry you are all going through this but what a blessing to be thankful and joyful through it all. You are an inspiration. Prayers for you, your husband and family!!

  3. Prayers for your husband, you, and your family.

  4. And I thought I was having a challenging day! Prayers bing lifted up!!! Offering up all I can for your intentions.
    --- pru

  5. I am praying for you, your husband and family. You are such an inspiration through your trails. I pray you have the strength to serve him joyfully through your pregnancy. Like Mary to Elizabeth..

  6. Wow, such drama for Advent! Your husband will be in our prayers. Please thank him too, on our behalf, for his generosity and the work he's been doing. And I want to thank you for your example of gratitude under such circumstances. God bless you all.

  7. You are always such a joyful witness to the goodness of the Lord, hardships and all. Your praise and thanksgiving list is beautiful. Be assured that our prayers continue. May all of our Advent's be according to His will and not ours, through the loving guidance of his most holy Mother.

  8. Many prayers for his continued recovery.



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